WireNine Review
wirenine review

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WireNine Review
Instituted in 2004, WireNine has continuously been delivering secure, reliable and cost efficacious shared web hosting and additionally reseller hosting solutions and services. The company’s clientele is made up of customers of all types and sizes, both in terms of online transaction volume and business turnover volume, from all across the world.
  • The web host seems to be completely open with respect to their business strategy, which requires the web host to focus on superior web site hosting and equally superior customer service. The web host claims to take every measure to deliver and stand by its core values, which are important elements of online success to every single customer. WireNine web host claims that over 97% of its new clients come from word of mouth.

  • Current Pricing:

  • 12 Months: $3.22/Month
  • WireNine Support:
  • Sales: 1-888-979-HOST (4678)
  • Technical: 1-888-979-HOST (4678)
  • E-Mail: sales[at]wirenine.com
WireNine, which is entirely privately held, has been delivering superior service to its clients, plus growth and profitability to itself in quarter right after since its establishment in 2004. The web host has gained several accolades and awards, for delivering spectacular World Wide Web hosting solutions along with world class services on high performance hosting infrastructure.

The web host is a leader in providing uninterrupted customer support services, empowered by knowledgeable team of support staff. Therefore, even if you belong to any part of the world you would always find a support professional ready and available to help you. The customer service and technical support teams respond back to every support request, in less than an hour.

The web hosting provider offers fantastically competitive pricing along with loads of value-adding extras, plus intuitive and one of the best Control Panels. WireNine offers a genuine 60 day money back assurance with 100% refund options in case you are not satisfied. The web hosting provider also offers tailor made hosting packages and solutions to suit your specific needs.

All of the WireNine hosting packages are fully packed with loads of utilitarian and groundbreaking features, to help you in order to be able to make the best possible or optimized use of a web site hosting package. The web host has partnered with leading software vendors in the hosting industry, to deliver awe inspiring hosting experience.

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