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winhost review

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WinHost Review
Winhost is a company whose mission and passion is in providing affordable, yet world class, windows shared hosting services to the customers. The focus of the company is on affordable windows shared web hosting and it takes every possible step to ensure it. Continue reading our Winhost Review article here:
  • WinHost knows the importance of choosing the right web host and offers services with utmost levels of integrity and reliability. The company only focuses on its core area of providing affordable windows hosting alone and looks for constant improvement in order to deliver the best to its customers. WinHost hosting company, because it sticks to its core business only, has been successful in securing many awards in this category.

  • Current Pricing:

  • Basic Plan: $3.95/mo (Discounts for 3 mo.s, 1 & 2 yrs orders)
  • Max Plan: $7.95/mo (Discounts for 3 mo.s, 1 & 2 yrs orders)
  • Ultimate Plan: $15.95/mo (Discounts: 3 mo.s, 1 & 2 yrs)

  • WinHost Contact & Support:

  • Support Page

  • Sales: sales[at]
  • Marketing: marketing[at]
  • Business: marketing[at]
  • Report Abuse: abuse[at]
  • Feedback/Suggestions: sales[at]

WinHost provides lots of features through all of its hosting plans. All plans come with smart mail service, URL rewrite module, MySQL, SQL management studio access, Visual Studio compatibility, PHP hosting, LINQ hosting, Joomla, Full Trust, and isolated application pool. It also has smartstats and raw logs facility while at the same time it supports complete DNS.

WinHost only deals with and offers windows shared hosting. All plans come with a Windows Server 2008 and SQL server 2008. The company also offers cheap ASP.NET web hosting with all its plans as well. Microsoft ASP.NET MVC3 framework is even supported on the cheapest of plans of the company. It provides a cross power plug-in in Microsoft silverlight4. Also with ASP.NET and Ajax you can rapidly create web pages with highly responsive inter states.

WinHost owns its servers and doesn't provide dedicated services. The datacenters are not located at any distant place but very close to the office only to provide quick support. The data center delivers awesome reliability and dependability. Also the speed at which it provides these services is commendable. All the servers are highly stable and entirely secured round the clock.

The basic winhost plan starts at as low as $3.95 per month. The second plan the company provides, is winhost max, and is at $7.95 per month. The third one, the winhost ultimate plan, runs for $15.95 per month. Please note that there are discounts offered for each plan, when you choose to go with either 3 months, one year or two years orders (Click the link below to find out). All these come with unlimited domains, unlimited sub-domains as well as MySQL databases. No set up fee is charged and the company has an uptime of 99.9%. WinHost also offers an upto 30 days money back guarantees.

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