WebFaction Review
webfaction review

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WebFaction Review
It is the time to say goodbye to old style web hosting. Gone is the era of slow and old servers with rigid systems; with Webfaction here comes a web host that provides the customers with new-age web hosting which is contemporary and highly reliable. The following article provides you with webfaction review.
  • The company has made quite a name for itself in the modern arena of web hosting services. It makes your site faster by not putting multiple website on the same server unlike other hosting companies. The prices offered by them are the most competitive for the quality, which they provide. It offers great support and also comes with a strong spam filtering system. One can also scale as per his or her hosting requirements.

  • Current Pricing:

  • 24 Months: $7.50/Month
  • 12 Months: $8.50/Month
  • WebFaction Support:
  • E-Mail: Ticket System
One can use cool tools and utility programs like one click installers including Django in their control panel. It provides high level of safety for all of its services. In fact the control system they use is very flexible and in tune with the modern generation. One also gets 100GB disc space, unlimited domains, emails and databases along with full shell access and latest software.

The company provides solid web hosting services, which are fast and very reliable. It also offers facilities of wordpress, drupal and many more. The company provides you with tools to add something that is not provided by the company and install it in the home directory. It also offers a very flexible payment mechanism as well.

The datacenter is located in Texas. It features redundant UPS systems, electricity backup, VESDA back-up system, closed circuit monitoring, around the clock manned security guard, efficient A/C systems, and fiber connectivity from 5 separate providers. The monitoring system detects potential problems before any serious damage is done.

The hosting plans start for as low as $5.50 per month. It also provides SSL support for all the plans. It also has the facility of hosting email services. The company gives a guarantee wherein it refunds money up to 60 days in case you are not satisfied. The accounts come with instant activation and offers maximum uptime. Thus there is just one name for new age hosting i.e. Webfaction!

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