UbiquityHosting Review
ubiquityhosting review

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UbiquityHosting Review
UbiquityHosting web host claims to provide more value for money at affordable and competitive pricing, compared to its competition in the hosting industry. If you truly compare the price you pay as against the superior uptime, security and support from UbiquityHosting you would certainly find the services and products from the web hosting company far more superior in the market. The web host does not let you endure the loss of any of the essential elements of a good quality web hosting, even with the lowest priced packages.
  • UbiquityHosting runs its operation around the clock throughout the year. There are no holidays for the hosting provider because internet and online business does not ever sleep. The web hosting provider, which is a huge company, at all points in time ascertains that the client service and support teams are on their toes to deliver true customer services.

  • Current Pricing:

  • 24 Months: $4.95/Month
  • 12 Months: $5.95/Month
  • UbiquityHosting Support:
  • Sales: 1-866-438-8247
  • Technical: 1-866-438-8247
  • E-Mail: support[at]ubiquityhosting.com
Unlike many hosting companies, UbiquityHosting is not a reseller host. The web hosting provider owns all of its servers. Moreover, each of the hosting products and/or solutions make use of Single Quad Core or Dual Processor Quad Core Intel Xeon servers.

What I found very interesting about UbiquityHosting is that the web host does not recklessly go on adding hosting accounts to a single server. The web hosting provider has a defined process that is religiously followed and audited at regular intervals, to ensure that there is no performance bottleneck discovered at later point in time. It results in abundance of resource including processor time, disk space, memory and bandwidth is available for every web site.

UbiquityHosting’s network architectural design promotes load-balancing, along with server clustering to deliver a responsive and reliable website. All the networking and server equipments are secured against physical and electronic intrusion, by extensive use of surveillance equipments and best in breed network security solutions. The company’s data center is a mission critical facility, that has redundancy designed at every level including UPS and Diesel based power generators.

The web host commits over 99.9% uptime by signing service level agreement (SLA) in supports of its claim. Moreover, all your investments in hosting account are guaranteed against 100% unconditional money back assurance.

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