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Top Green Web Hosting

Note: Our Choice for Top Green Web Hosting is GreenGeeks.

Read our GreenGeeks Review here!.

Or Directly Visit GreenGeeks here!.

What Makes a Top Green Web Hosting Service?

Actually, it is not that easy to assign a top green web hosting (although we did... check the banner note above), because it depends upon certain criteria. Green web hosting is one of the cool hosting features recently added to existing website options offered by the leading web hosting companies, which involves a given company attempting to show them that they do not make any negative effects on the world (basically are environment-friendly) in an attempt to attract more customers. So it can become a tough job to find a top green web hosting service.

The companies with green web hosting empower their servers through renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. Working online without having any paper track may appear green, but in case the servers of a hosting provider are releasing CO2 then the aim of going green is wasted. Only a very few companies could start off with some renewable form of energy in 1996 during their initial stage.

However, today green or eco-friendly web hosts are on a face-to-face competition with larger web hosting services to become the top green web hosting service. Before going to the top green web hosting, you must understand the difference between regular and green web hosting. Because of the out-of-sight-out-of-mind psychology, lots of people tend to forget the significance of choosing green web hosts for the online presence.

They will only search for a top green web hosting service. Behind the scenes, we have data centers with computers, cooling systems and servers that consume big amounts of power. The environment is effected directly by the carbon released from these centers. To overcome that, green web hosting companies decided to use the electricity from renewable sources to run their business. They also implement ways to minimize the electricity usage without compromising on the quality of services that they provide.

How does a Hosting Company become a Top Green Web Hosting Company?

The best way hosting companies show their green credentials to be one of the top green web hosting is through the offsetting of Carbon, others try to include planting some trees and more daily life activities such as the use of energy saving appliances and energy conservation.

Green tags, which are also known in the name of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) is another factor to become the top green web hosting. Going for the green tags means that the energy that is being used by you is made from a green source (wind, hydro, solar) and given to the power grid you are connected to.

Virtualization is a type of sharing of resources among customers, so that you can more effectively use your server hardware.

Use more energy friendly servers, there are some other types of servers that green companies can opt to buy and use.

These are the main factors that a hosting company provides to become the top green web hosting company.

Note: Our Choice for Top Green Web Hosting is GreenGeeks.

Read our GreenGeeks Review here!.

Or Directly Visit GreenGeeks here!.

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