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Mister Review
Tired of a hosting with a company that is slow and redundant? In mood to switch over your host to one which is catering to the next generation web hosting? Then certified web site hosting is the way to go for you. The following article provides you with Mister Review. The company positions itself by labeling and touting itself to be "different". Let's see how...
  • The company provides new generation shared reseller hosting and managed hosting solutions. The web host provides personalized support and service to all the customers at all levels. It believes in the value of relationships and views every client relationship as a partnership to which it pledges its complete personal assurance. Its customer list includes not only fortune 500 companies but also small businesses and individuals around the globe.

  • Current Pricing:

  • 12 Months: $5.83/Month
  • Mister Support:
  • E-Mail: support[at]mister.net
Because the company believes in a strong value system with the customers, each customer is given full personal attention. Also customized services are provided to customers as per their requirements. It also helps you to change your host from some other company. The web host offer plans with unlimited data transfers, storage capacity and free domain for life. The company also offers site builder facility and mySQL databases.

The company offers a wide range of services apart from hosting facilities. It has a certified protection and domain registration. Free design templates and SSL certificates are available. However the best offerings are the hosting add-ons and impeccable marketing services. Another offering of the company is unique script installation.

The company has two data centers. Both provide multiple and blazing fast connectivity to your servers. It means that data can get transferred at a faster rate as compared to every other service provider. Both the data centers have full technical support at all times and have the best back-up facilities as compared to the competitors

When it comes to web hosting the company not only provides shared and reseller hosting but also semi-dedicated hosting with managed dedicated servers. It also provides flash hosting facilities as well. It has guarantee money back policy and minimum downtime. So you know whom to approach for perfect hosting services.

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