M6 Review
m6 review

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M6 Review
M6 is a hosting provider with real flexibility. It is a web host that offers to consider every hosting requirement and provide a customized solution, unless the requirement poses a security risk, is unlawful, can potentially compromise servers or network or their performance, or may post a threat to other customers. The web host ensures that it does everything to ensure your site is up and running in the least possible, unless it is in violation of its terms.
  • When you choose to buy a hosting pack with M6, you will be in a position to assure yourself that you would be provided with a powerful control panel interface software called Plesk. Plesk would be the primary interface for you to manage and interact with your hosting account. The plesk control panel provides a reliable and a strong awe inspiring user experience while interacting with hosting account.

  • Current Pricing:

  • 24 Months: $3.75/Month
  • 12 Months: $4.90/Month
  • M6 Support:
  • E-Mail: sales[at]m6.net
The best benefit with using Plesk is that every modification or reconfiguration of setting, results in instant and automatic change without any need for scratching head figuring out why changes are not being effective. Moreover, every hosting account comes with several web applications and software programs to setup and configure any web site in minutes with only a few clicks.

M6 web hosting provider has instituted a committed customer care and technical team, in order to really provide fastest resolution to your queries, issues and problems. The support team works 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, as well as acting responsively and responsibly in answering customerís all kinds of queries without delays.

The average response time for any query from the clients is less than an hour and most of the times it is even less than half an hour. Having managed several hundred clients and resolved different types of queries, issues and problems and has developed a huge knowledge base for quick resolution of issues. M6 also has a dedicated health monitoring team to ensure any potential issues that may lead to issues, incidents and problems are avoided in first place by responding to network, server and security alerts and warning.

Some of the other features include 30 days refund policy and 99.9% availability SLA which provides M6 an edge over its competition.

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