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What Is Internet Hosting ?

At its simplest form, internet hosting ( or web hosting ) refers to the service provided to the public to have access to an internet webpage.

Millions of computers connected together, thereby creating an information warehouse, where you can access data is known as the internet. Those computers which are responsible for creating this “information superhighway” are referred to as servers. Right from the computer on your table to the complex trails of computers that occuppy rooms are servers. In order to host their own web pages, most people will be purchasing the service from an InternetService provider (ISP).

So, Who Is An ISP?

An ISP is nothing but a company with a connection to the Internet, which provides and sells that connection to the public. The ISP will be providing to its users T1 access or multiple T1 access, which refers to a digital stream that is used to transfer data.

What Is Bandwidth?

Another term that is often used relating to Internet Hosting is bandwidth. It refers to the amount of data transferred from your webpage to others. Some ISP will be providing shared web hosting which is less expensive, thereby allowing several users to share the digital stream and space on the server. However, each user is sectioned off from the others for security.

Server Storage

The next part of internet hosting is the purchasing of server storage space. Just like your home computer, every server has a maximum amount of hard drive space. In certain computer ads, you may see commonly that a computer has a hard drive space of 200 GB. This implies that the hard drive can store 200 gigabytes which is equal to 200 billion bytes.

To speak conceptually about this, a single character on your word processing program will be equaling 1 byte. Now, think about the servers that make up the internet! They will be storing data on hard drives that have storage spaces measuring in terabytes. So what you are purchasing through Internet Hosting is a part of storage space to place your webpage.

Since the price of dedicated web hosting is very expensive, most of the people will be going for shared web hosting .


The final part in internet hosting is the concept relating to e-mail boxes. That is, a designated number of e-mail boxes will be set aside for your use. Just think about e-mail boxes as either a mail slot or a mailbox, a place where you will be receiving and storing the messages. A name will be designated to each mailbox.

For example, jennifer[at] means that Jennifer is the name of the e-mail box and the [at] tells the internet where that mailbox is located.

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