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What Does Hosting Uptime Actually Mean?

In simple terms, Hosting uptime refers to the amount of time a server is online and running. If you have a website, this is a crucial factor to be considered because you have to ensure that your website can be accessed by the public at all times. So, the most important decision to be made before creating the website, is about choosing the right server.

To understand the concept of Hosting uptime better, you need to know what a downtime is.

Downtime is nothing but the amount of time the website cannot be reached by the internet users. Often, you might have come across the 404 errors, even though you had typed the URL correctly. The server downtime is the main cause of such a situation.

A lot of downtimes imply that you are simply losing money regarding your Hosting uptime. That’s the main reason why internet marketers advice to spend a few more dollars a month for a web host which provides good uptime, rather than having a good saving habit in this field.

There are three types of downtime. The first type is the “planned downtime”, by which the web hosts and servers will let you know about its occurrence so that you can expect your site to be down for a certain amount of time.

The second one is the “somewhat planned downtime” in which the servers will be fixing the bug or errors in the system and the servers or web hosts will mostly tell you about the issue and the expected server offline period.

The final type is the negative or unplanned downtime in which the server will be having a lot of unexpected downtime and this can be a disaster for you and may harm your business seriously.

You may often come across certain figures like 99% uptime or 99.9% uptime, when you go through the process of checking out the web hosting uptime. A 99% uptime of course sounds good, but it means a lot of downtime every day as a 1% of downtime is 14 minutes a day.

As far as a reasonable Hosting uptime is concerned, a 99.5% or higher should be preferred.

Never judge a website’s Hosting uptime based on the stats you find on their website. Instead, go through the Google to find the third party statistics regarding the Hosting uptime. Also, visit some of the available monitoring services to test the web hosting companies’ uptime and compare the results to find the right web host.

Note: Our Top Choice for Quality Web Hosting Uptime is JustHost.

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