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hostingsource review

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HostingSource Review
HostingSource, Inc. has been leading the web site hosting industry by relentlessly offering high performance, reliable, website hosting that is highly scalable to suit web hosting demands of all types and size of customers.
  • Regardless of whether you intend to host a web site, affiliate web page, or a ecommerce portal, you would be supplied with all elements of web hosting including server software, server hardware, network bandwidth, web site management tools and just everything you would ever need to run your online business. You may expect the web host to provide you with almost all kind of web application ranging from small scripts to enterprise class higher performance server solutions for your every web hosting necessitates.

  • Current Pricing:

  • 12 Months: $8.45/Month
  • 1 Months: $8.95/Month
  • HostingSource Support:
  • Sales: 1-917-716-6243
  • Technical: 1-917-716-6243
  • E-Mail: info[at]
The web host pledges to deliver unparalleled business quality hosting service with a team of staff members, carrying rich experience of up to 20 years of information technology experience in enterprise environment.

HostingSource Inc. aims at delivering awe inspiring services with its world class hosting products and solutions. These products and solutions are further enhanced with state of the art security infrastructure to provide bulletproof reliability. Its data center is connected to the world with all major internet link providers in New Jersey and New York area. Moreover, this access does not need any local loop circuits, making the connectivity more reliable.

The web host takes pride in its top class customer service team, including both customer care and technical support services. With a team of committed information technology professionals, the web hosting provider is able to specialize in the space of managed hosting and e-commerce solutions, website design and marketing, software development, database migration, integration and programming. You may expect everything that you would ever think of in hosting a small affiliate page to a leading ecommerce portal, all under one single roof. Moreover, this world class support is accessible on 24 x7 bases, throughout the globe with phone or email based communication system.

The hosting server infrastructure from HostingSource makes use of Dual Core and also Quad Core Intel processors, loaded with high performance memory. The software and hardware have architectural redundancies designed into the system, to deliver superior quality performance in addition to reliability and security.

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