HostCabin Review
hostcabin review

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HostCabin Review
In contrast to a simple web host who provides services of other provider under a private arrangement, is a true web hosting service provider boasting of highly sophisticated network configuration and server hardware. The following article provides you with hostcabin review.
  • The company does everything from operating system updates to security patches via secure remote connection. In fact it is a real web hosting service provider. The company has utmost levels of reliability and dependability unlike the other reseller service providers. A reseller has generally no control over the hardware and doesn't manage the actual equipment this leaves you at the mercy of a "go between arrangements". However hostcabin tests and activates your account instantly.

  • Current Pricing:

  • 24 Months: $1.95/Month
  • 12 Months: $1.95/Month
  • HostCabin Support:
  • E-Mail: support[at]
The company has a distinct advantage over the competition because of its key features. The company is environmentally conscious and has a server network which is based on green energy and is also very reliable. Its control panel is easy to use. It comes with reliable back-ups for each situation. It also comes with fantastico auto installer and supports PHP and MYSQL.

The company activates your account instantly and has a free set up mechanism. It comes with a private DNS infrastructure. However, one of the best offering of the company is the fact that it offers unlimited domain hosting in one single account. It also provides Hostcabin managed services, which is its registered concept. Apart from this the company has exceptional customer support facility.

The company has a state-of-the-art data center, which has a very urbane and high tech network facility. The data center has a monitoring system, which is second to none. Its fire security system and back up plans are also one of the best solutions in the industry. The data center is such that it offers highest levels of reliability and service availability to the clients.

The hosting plans of the company are all very affordable. It promises minimum downtime or 99.9% of uptime for all its plans. It follows a policy of 30 days money back guarantee. One can also go for free trials of these plans.

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