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A Word About Free Web Hosting

As a rule, only individuals and hobbyist require Free Web Hosting accounts for different reasons. Potential reasons for selecting a Free Web Hosting could be many and varied among different people. For instance, a student may want a free web hosting and a free sub-domain primarily for experimenting with web pages and web applications, while an individual blogger might be interested in hosting a blog for fun and recreational reasons.

Such users of a Free Web Hosting may not have any interest in web hosting SLAs, uptime, security, or even advertisements placed on their websites.

A Free Web Hosting service may place advertisements on the hosted web pages to generate some revenue. Such revenue may be used to support the infrastructure expenses incurred by a Free Web Hosting company. While an unwanted advertisement may be an annoyance to a professional or corporate site owner, for a student or hobbyist blogger it may not come in his or her way.

However, some other limitations in Free Web Hosting services may truly prove to be an annoyance to almost everyone. Many of the Free Web Hosting servers do not allow uploaded files to be greater than few thousand bytes. Similarly, a free hosting service may place limitation on file types, may not support databases or server side scripting tools, such as ASP and PHP etc. These factors limit the Free Web Hosting primarily to a very small community of users.

However, many full-fledged hosting companies offer a trial hosting or a Free Web Hosting account, let potential clients, to test quality of their services with few limitations. This allows the user to test most of the functionalities of the hosting company because a Free Web Hosting company would generally allow user to experiment all of its offering by placing limits on its usage.

This is done primarily to boost sales of other fully featured unlimited hosting plans. With a quick Google search on Free Web Hosting plan, you would be able to find hundreds to leading hosting companies and their free hosting offers. Many of the Free Web Hosting companies offer advertisement free hosting with disk space up to 2 to 5 GB.

If you are an expert IT geek, you may actually use even a Free Web Hosting server to host your pages with features such as PHP, and MySQL databases, without your visitors ever knowing that your website is hosted on a free hosting account.


Free Web Hosting server is suitable for your trivial hosting needs. It may even take load of moderate traffic, however, it is certainly not a solution for your rapidly growing business site with huge traffic, bandwidth, disk space, and digital security requirements.

Note: Our Top Choice For Almost Free Web Hosting , Is WebHostingHub.

Read our WebHostingHub Review Here!.

Or Directly Visit WebHostingHub Here!.

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