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downtownhost review

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DowntownHost Review, started in 2001 is a privately owned and funded web hosting company. It provides hosting solutions to businesses ranging from small to large business enterprises. It has become a leading name when it comes to web hosting. The following article provides you with downtownhost review.
  • It is a constant effort of the company to provide each and every customer with quality services. It attaches special value to everyone with whom it enters into business. The best aspect of their business is that they believe in providing services with utmost levels of honesty and integrity. The company has put their heart and soul in satisfying customers.

  • Current Pricing:

  • 24 Months: $5.95/Month
  • 12 Months: $7.95/Month
  • DowntownHost Support:
  • E-Mail: support[at]
The company is known for its customized hosting solutions. The best feature of the company is its continuous stress on innovation. It has a feature rich portfolio of services and solutions. This is also the major strength of the company as well. It provides 10 GB disc space. It also allows multiple domain hosting.

All the services coming from them come at a fraction of cost as compared to all the big names. Despite this, it is still considered to be the best when it comes to its offerings. Apart from hosting, it also has unlimited email accounts and comes loaded with pre installed scripts. It also provides the readymade banners for your web site.

Its servers are located in Denver. It is designed with uncompromising standards and includes some of the best features. It has a power backup system which is highly redundant. Access here is controlled by biometric cards and keys. The data center is monitored not only by trained personnel but also with 40 CCTV cameras and an early alarm system to detect fire, which is very efficient in safeguarding your business critical data at all points in time. Moreover, the data is also secured on internet using state of the arts network security device technology.

The company offers rock solid hosting solutions as per the needs of the clients. The shared hosting plans come under the following-shared bronze, silver and gold. It also provides reseller, semi-dedicated, dedicated and VPS hosting. All the plans come with maximum uptime and a 30 day money back guarantee scheme.

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