CirtexHosting Review
cirtexhosting review

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CirtexHosting Review
Web hosting has become quite a thing these days. Everyone whether an individual or an organization owning a business goes for it. There are many web hosting sites that tour them selves to be the best. But the one which is actually best is which provides quality web hosting at prices affordable by all. One such website is Cirtexhosting. This article provides you with cirtexhosting review.
  • Cirtexhosting brings professional and affordable hosting to users all around the globe. Both shared and individual hosting is provided for individuals and businesses. The company doesn’t charge any hidden costs. It has a wide network of fast and reliable servers. One can get instant account activation which is a facility not provided by all. One can easily say that it is the web hosting for the new generation. The companies offer a wider range of services as compared to some of the major players in the business.

  • Current Pricing:

  • Basic: $2.49/Month
  • Advanced Hosting: $6.99/Month
  • Professional: $11.99/Month
  • CirtexHosting Support:
  • Sales: 1-888-4-CIRTEX
  • Technical: 1-888-4-CIRTEX
  • E-Mail: support[at]
The key features of the company includes: free cpanel control panel, fantastico deluxe, video script installations, and online site builders. It also provides site transfers and set up facilities at no additional costs. Not even big companies have such an array of features as it has.

It provides a wide range of offerings, which are even more compared to larger companies but for only at the fraction of the cost. It not only provides web hosting services but also provides other solutions like affiliate programs, purchasing of SSL certificates and free domain reseller. This proves that the company has quite a diversified list of offerings.

All server data is backed on weekly basis. It operates out of two data centers one each at New Jersey and Chicago. All data centers provide ideal physical environment to keep the sites running without any interruptions.

The hosting solutions include: web hosting solutions, reseller hosting solutions, business hosting solutions, virtual private servers and dedicated servers. The company has lived to the expectation of the customers in providing high class professional services at affordable prices. Because of this it is adding to its customer base regularly.

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