Brinkster Review
brinkster review

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Brinkster Review
Here comes a web hosting service provider that focuses on all your needs, be it multiple merchant accounts or website builders or web hosting packages. In today’s fast paced and dynamic world you need a service provider that caters to all of your needs because not only it saves time, but is also hassle free to operate a single account. One such web host is brinkster. The following article provides you with brinkster review.
  • The goal of the company is to provide highest quality of web hosting services along with best available support. Here the support team consists of employees who believe in providing customer driven services. The support team of the web host shows highest level of professional approach and accuracy along with speedy information. The team operates with humility, integrity, and tenacity as a single unit.

  • Current Pricing:

  • 24 Months: $28.00/Month
  • 12 Months: $30.00/Month
  • Brinkster Support:
  • Sales: 1-480-388-3777
  • Technical: 1-480-388-3777
  • E-Mail: Ticket System
The best feature of the company is that it provides you with detailed server specifications. The company far exceeds the permitted data transfer per dedicated server plan if you compare it to its competition. The company also makes use of leading Cisco firewall security in the industry at affordable prices that are far more below than the prices of other companies offering ordinary firewalls security. Also the uplink firewall that is provided by the company is as much as ten times faster than that of the competitors.

Apart from basic hosting facilities the company also offers a list of other features like merchant accounts, live chat indicators, free firewall, web site builder facilities, no-cost web hosting, antivirus, and e-commerce facilities as well. Hence it offers a wider range of services as compared to the others in the market. All of it services comes with the highest form of professionalism, quality, and over the period of time the company has proven itself again and again.

The data centre is one state-of-the-art one which is managed by the best practices of the company. It has rock solid IT infrastructure which is hard to beat when it comes to succeeding.

The web hosting facilities include rookie, pro and advanced packages. It also has dedicated servers. It gives customers a ninety day money back guarantee program. It provides one with all services under one roof.

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