Web Host Review: What Makes it More Meaningful?

Internet is full of hosing companies’ comparisons and review. These comparisons and reviews are written both by real life users or clients of the web hosting companies and also from professional companies involved in product and services review and comparison business. Every product or service review in general ranks or rates the company based on factors writer deems fit. A web host review is no different from this drawback. Hence, it always remains a challenge as how one could know if the web hosting ratings are not the result of whims and fancies of the author but actual based on facts and statistical information. Albeit there are no straight forward rules to identification of a qualitative review, there are definitely few tricks to help you pick one that is the best. This article is written with the sole objective of identifying this crucial parameters which must be part of every web host review and the procedure to rating or ranking web host.

Web Host Review

The most crucial of all the factors include is the hosting service availability or up-time, which is calculated by deducting total downtime from total achievable up-time from the calculation period. The downtime does not include time involved in pre-planned and well communicated maintenance activities. It is essential that the web host review author understands and appreciates the importance of service up-time and accordingly ranks hosting companies based on the historical up-time data for each host under comparison. The up-time is so much important because a frequently down web site distracts its visitors, negatively impacts search engine ranking, and defeats the whole purpose of conducting business over the net. Every hosting company that has a positive review or rating must proactively communicate website visitors, by display of notification, and also the website administrators in advance.

Next most crucial amongst other factors is the billing and customer care services and the technical support. A thorough research is required for each host in comparison or review by every web host review company. An unprofessional tech support can never retain its clients for long. Similarly, customer care teams must be courteous and responsive to hosting account owner’s requirements. Every web site admin comes across a number of technical and other non-technology related issues that must be responded immediately and addressed on time. It is worthless to waste time on reviews that ignore such important factors. The quality of customer service is measured on parameters such as the response time and resolution time, which when taken together constitute Turn Around Time, commonly abbreviated as TAT. In addition to technical support quality, the number of different ways in which communication with customer service teams can be initiated is an important aspect of ever web host review. A reputed web hosting provider must make sure different communication channels are available to contact customer service teams. It includes telephone, fax, email, instant messenger, and online portal to log service requests and incidents.

Apart from service up-time, customer service quality, and communication channels a number of factors, based on the order of their importance, influence reputation of a web hosting company. These factors are inclusive of speed and performance of hosting infra, features of hosting products, price, and free stuff. Each must therefore, be given their due importance in web host review. Having said so, we would like to conclude this post with thanking you for reading this informative post.


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