Best Web Host Review: How to Identify a Genuine Review?

Internet is full of fake product and services reviews. Therefore, it is often asked by our visitors if it was possible to identify or differentiate fake reviews from valid web host reviews. Even though there are no straight forward rules to this however, there are a few tips for sure to help you identify and differentiate a genuine review from a biased sales pitch or unauthentic review.

Just because a web host review is worded in sophisticated English and appears on a website that has wide readership, does not suggest that such a review is a best web host review. Therefore, you must be able to differentiate between a good and a bad review.  What is most important while shopping any product or service is the fact that the decision is not influenced only by recommendations? Instead it should be based both on facts and recommendations. In nutshell, your decision must be an informed decision.  A best web host review must provide detailed facts and statistics about the web host’s past performance and just not provide recommendations based on superficial facts or only on insignificant parameters. Following are some very important things which, must not be ignored at any cost by a best web host review.

Best Web Host Reviews

Service availability is the most important aspect of web hosting as a web site if not reachable frequently loses its traffic pretty soon. A best web host review always provides you with most accurate statistical facts on different hosting providers. If a review does not include this it cannot be considered as an authority on the subject. Uptime or availability is calculated by subtracting the amount of time the website was down, other than for any pre-planned maintenance activity, from the total amount of time in a given time period. Excluding the maintenance window the web site must be fully functional in order to be considered as up and running.  Moreover, the downtime must be pre-planned and communication must be made to client in advance in order to qualify as maintenance downtime. In absence of advance intimation the amount of time a website is not reachable must be treated as downtime. Lastly, the uptime refers to the completely functional website rather than just the web server.

Customer care and tech support services are the next most important aspects of a best web host review. With poorer customer service it is not possible to sustain a huge website with innumerable number of visitors.  Every web site that hosts even moderately complex application must have a back-end technical support. So is the importance of a friendly yet professional customer care team as there is always a possibility of a billing or other kind of non-technical issue distracting you from your core business.

Lastly but importantly, the number of ways in which support team can be approached is another factor of great importance. Some of the commonly offered communication channels include phone, email, online ticket based incident logging system, or live chat. The service quality is assessed on the parameters of response time and   resolution window to close the incident. A response time assures the promptness and quality of customer service.

Price, contract term, and features offered are other important parameters to be taken into account by the best website hosting review. We are sure you would have liked this informative blog post and we would like to thank you for viewing.

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