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Welcome to our latest post on vs comparison. In this review we have compared two well know hosting brands viz. Site5 and A2hosting.  In absence of right kind of guidance many newbies tend to choose a hosting provider that is not the best fit for their web hosting needs. However, in order to avoid such mistakes the only effective way out is to carefully research, review, and compare the hosting companies under consideration. In this article it is our honest attempt to provide you unbiased vs comparison to help you chose the most suitable provider for your web site hosting.

Site5.Com Vs A2Hosting.Com

In our vs comparison the first thing we compared was the uptime commitment. We noticed that both the hosting company offer a 99.9% uptime commitment. This essentially means that both the hosting companies are reliable and offering you great hosting with only minor differences. The next most important aspect of our Site5 vs A2hosting comparison was their hosting product prices and features. If you are looking for a lowest hosting price between the two web hosts, you are likely to prefer Site5. The cost effective hosting form Site5 is suitable for WordPress, Joomla, OSCommerce, Drupal, X-Cart or Zencart and many other hosting requirements. For a simple one domain hosting need with reasonably sized disk storage space, network bandwidth, and a limited requirement for email accounts. Site5 hosting serves these needs and starts at $5.95 a month. However, should you be looking to host unlimited domain, or web application requiring high CPU, you might want to choose A2hosting. The important aspect of price based comparison is that the prices should not be looked and compared in isolation. The hosting price should only be looked in the context of term of hosting contract. Hence, there must be apple to apple comparison.

In our vs comparison, after have looked at the uptime commitment, and price, we decided to review the two hosting companies on customer satisfaction aspects. On a quick research on the net we realized that the number of dissatisfactory reviews were more in number for A2hosting when compared to Site5. However, we personally found the response, and quality of tech support reasonably good and on par with Site5. In order to research end user dissatisfaction levels we had relied on three most commonly used searched engines including Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Moreover, we searched for keywords or keyword phrase such as “A2 Hosting sux”, “Site5 down”, “Site5 terrible”, “hate A2 Hosting”, and so on. Surprisingly, A2hosting had more number of negative user reviews. However, to make sure we have done the research in a balanced way we also tried to search and analyze results for search results on keyword phrases such as “Site5 great”, “A2 Hosting fantastic “, “Site5 good” and such other relevant keywords. The research and comparison was more favorable to Site5 than A2hosting with over 60.3% of current and past clients of Site5 still showing faith in the web host.

Lastly, in our vs we tried to evaluate two web hosts on popularity parameter. To gauge the popular we used Alexa’s ranking and the results were favoring Site5 as against A2hosting. The number of visitors to Site5 are significantly large than A2hosting. Thus, Site5 was apparently more popular in our analysis.  We hope this post was useful and suitable in your research. We also have Site5 Coupon Code and A2Hosting Discount should you choose any one of them.

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