365ezone Complaints: Are There Genuine Web Host Complaints?

It seems you want to know of 365ezone hosting is reliable? Many a time, online entrepreneurs who are looking for a reliable web host tend to search for complaints or negative reviews of the web host. This is a good approach and it seems you have landed this page searching for 365ezone complaints. Whether you searching for 365ezone hosting review or 365ezone complaints, this blog post will help you dispel your doubts about the popular web hosting company. Discover with this blog post what this web hosting company has to offer to its customers.

365ezone is a renowned enterprise level hosting solutions provider. The hosting products and services are delivered at cost effective prices and there is no match to these high performance hosting solutions. As the web host is an established market leader you would rarely find 365ezone Complaints on the internet. Confident about its ability, the web host has been providing the highest level of client service support because of its courteous, friendly, and professional customer support team.

365ezone Complaints

365ezone Data Center is physically located in the United States of America at Tampa, Florida state. Redundant T1 links deliver 8Gbps bandwidth to 365ezone data center, which hosts high performance Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 servers for web, application, and database servers. Theweb host offers99.9% up-time guarantee, which is not limited to network connectivity alone, refers to over hosting service up-time. Since the web host has highest redundancies at various component levels there are no single points of failure. With our review you will not have any need to search for 365ezone complaints.

The 365ezone data center has multiple power feeds coming from multiple energy grids. It has UPS battery backup of over 60 minutes at peak load. The data center hosts network level security and physical security that guards web hosts round the clock. Every customer of the web host has round the clock access to client services for a quick resolution of all of their hosting problems. All servers inside data centers are configured with RAID in addition to daily data backup which ensure high availability of data. All servers are protected against intrusive hacking attempts with state of the arts network security equipment including high availability clustered firewalls, and Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems. We are sure with our review the need to look for 365ezone complaints, is completely ruled out.

The web host is a 100% green energy powered Linux, Windows, VPS, and Cloud VPS hosting services provider. All these power packed web hosting plans come pre-loaded with some of the great hosting features such as a bunch of free goodies, free domain name, free 1-click script installers, and so on. Because of its professional customer services teams and power packed yet economical hosting plans has helped the web hosting company win several accolades and awards at several different hosting review platforms.

If you decide to make 365ezone you web hosting partner post reading this review, we would like to offer you a discount coupon code for a low price hosting. Our 365ezone hosting coupon code will help you avail hosting discount during hosting account sign-up with the renowned green hosting solutions company. We hope you found our blog post titled “365ezone Complaints: Are There Genuine Web Host Complaints?” was informative and we would like to thank you for your readership.

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Webhosting SSH: Why SSH is Safe?

Most of times internet marketers who are not very technology savvy, are  confused about various technology related features such as VPS,SSL, SMTP, FTP, SSH, and so on. Therefore quite often such website owners are not able to perceive significance of Webhosting SSH. If you happen to belong to such group of people here is an informative blog post to help you appreciate the powerful security of SSH.

SSH, which is short form of Secure Shell, is a security protocol used to access remote console of a UNIX server in a secure way. Webhosting SSH essentially has to be UNIX or UNIX like hosting. SSH is considerably trustworthy because of the level of security offered by the security protocol. SSH comes in two versions viz. SSH and SSH2. Both the security protocols make use of a key pair or a key ring. Additionally a session key is used to actually encrypt the data. This session key is changed at periodic intervals. The dynamically generated session key is exchanged between the participating computers in an encrypted form. In order to encrypt the session key one key in the key pair is used while session key is decrypted on the other end with another key in the key pair or key ring. Thus the data is highly secured and remains confidential. This high profile security protocol rules out a security compromise making it nearly impossible for network intruders to invade session privacy and compromise security of data being transmitted. Thus webhosting SSH delivers highly secured remote console to access UNIX AND UNIX like operating systems remotely over the internet.

Webhosting Ssh

Webhosting SSH is not of any use to you if you only want to host a static html site, which does not provisions any user interaction and hence does not store any data. However, every banking or ecommerce site whether small or very huge, would need SSH or preferably SSH2 hosting solution. To prevent millions of eavesdropping and hacking attempts SSH security is a must have to secure data transmission.

One of the great things about the security offered by SSH is that should there be interception of ssh session occur, it will only be temporary in nature as session key changes at fixed pre-configured time interval. SSH creates a new secure session every time there is a change in the session key. This ensures superior security standards.

Let us explore SSH alternatives. Alternatives to SSH consists of security protocols such as SSL, and TLS. SSL is primarily used to secure web session initiated using client internet browser. SSL, which is short form for Secure Sockets Layer, automatically gets invoked as soon as a web site is accessed using HTTPS protocol.  TLS is yet another security protocol, which is short for Transport Layer Security. This security protocol is useful in ensuring data privacy and integrity. Data privacy is achieved with use of encryption technology to establish encrypted communication channel on demand. SSL secures HTTP based answers, while SSH secures any kind of communication channel. All three standards implement cryptographic security standards to provide transmitted data security and privacy. SSH and SSL are widely used across a number of operating systems including but not limited to Linux, Macintosh, Windows, Sun Solaris, UNIX and almost every single operating system.

Webhosting SSH must be evaluated on parameterssuch as access to a remote console, exec request, file transfer utilities, and port forwarding features.

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CirtexHosting Review Reveals Facts About Webhost

CirtexHosting, incorporated as legal entity in New York in 2003, offers web hosting services for over 9 years. It serves the global market through its reseller hosting model. It also sells shared hosting directly to individuals and families, and small businesses. CirtexHosting hosting is affordable and full of features in addition to prompt and qualitative client support, for which they have bagged a number of accolades and awards. In this CirtexHosting review we will try to review different aspects of the web host and web hosting solutions offered by the hosting company.

CirtexHosting has state of the arts datacenters one each in New Jersey and Illinois in the United States of America.  In CirtexHosting review we also discovered that both the datacenter’s host Quad Core and Quad CPU Servers with data redundancy with RAID and regular data backup. Reseller hosting from the web host minimizes your costs on one hand while offering you an opportunity to provide hosting services to your client with one single hosting account. Virtual Private servers are more suitable for dedicated or semi-dedicated hosting. In our CirtexHosting review we also discovered that video hosting from the hosting company may be of special interest for niche of video marketing or video sharing site like YouTube. FFmpeg support enable video hosting users to convert media file to flash media format. The web host provides video script installer through its cPanel control panel for convenience of webmasters.

Cirtexhosting Review

CirtexHosting Data Center is located in Clifton, New Jersey with a 55000 sq. feet floor space powered by Liebert UPS and Caterpillar generators. The datacenter, secured with biometrics and other access control system, is under 24x7x365 days monitoring using CCTV cameras. The data center is connected to internet over fiber with 2 redundant pops in New Jercy and New York City.  The Illinois data center is located in the world’s biggest financial center viz. The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT).

Some of the key highlights of various hosting plans as we discovered in our CirtexHosting review include unlimited storage space on RAID-10 Protected Storage, unlimited bandwidth, zero setup cost, free domain name, Colortex cPanel control panel, email accounts with POP3 and IMAP support, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, SSH Root Access, 8-Core Intel Xeon CPUs, ServerSnapShot Backup technology, dedicated IP Addresss, Virtuozzo Power Panel (Virtuozzo Power Panel is the latest in server virtualization technology), zero cost for cPanel, WHM, & FFMpeg modules, compatibility and superior support for Fantastico, PHP5 & MySQL5, and ServerGuard Security solution.

CirtexHosting review also revealed that the reseller hosting offered by the web host allows for overselling, video script hosting, and one click instant installation features. CirtexHosting is also verified and compliant with BBB Accreditation as it completely meets standards and requirements set forth by Better Business Bureau (BBB). The web host is also known for its BBBOnLine participation.

We also discovered that there are no hidden fees or binding contracts, and your website is hosted on high performance reliable servers with round the clock support from tech support and client service teams. The web hosting company offers a reliable hosting with over 99.9% uptime commitment with over 30 days full money refund guarantee. The account activation is instant and domain transfers are well supported. Moreover, if you chose to host with CirtexHosting you are also entitled to a free discount or CirtexHosting coupon code for exclusive web site hosting experience with one of the best hosting companies.

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123 Reg Reviews VPS

123Reg has till date registered close to 3 million domain names. As of date the web hosting company hosts nearly 1.4 million websites. This makes the hosting services provider the largest in the entire United Kingdom. In 123 Reg reviews VPS the hosting services company has been reviewed.

The web hosting company is an integral part of the Host Europe Group. The Host Europe Group happens to be one of the largest privately funded and privately held Europe based hosting company. The Group of companies includes Heart Internet, Webfusion, Host Europe, RedCoruna, and dynamic-net AG as well. The web hosting company offers a number of web hosting services, which include web hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting and managed hosting. The web host endeavors to make each step of online business set up as simple as 1, 2, 3. A good number of 123 Reg reviews VPS have the same opinion about the web hosting company.

123 Reg Reviews Vps

Many 123 Reg reviews, VPS reviews particularly have discovered that the United Kingdom based state of the art eco-friendly data centre makes use of latest low-energy systems to contribute in protecting the environment. Moreover, it is also instrumental in saving customer’s money.

As found in many 123 Reg reviews, VPS technical experts are reachable round the clock to deliver an exclusive customer service experience to every VPS client. A good quality client service is one of the most important aspects of all kinds of web hosting service products. The quality of a hosting service provider depends not only on the quality of hosting infrastructure but also on the quality of technology support and customer care services.

All web hosting services from 123Reg are bundled with email hosting service. This email service is protected by integrated anti-spam and virus protection software. As advised by many 123 Reg reviews, VPS hosting services must be protected with state of the art security technology including anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall, advanced intrusion detection system, and vulnerability management tools. And 123Reg data centers have all aspect of security implemented to ensure website and its clients data is secured round the clock and highly available on demand. The data center is under surveillance monitoring all through the day and night. Moreover, use of different security monitoring and practices together with cutting edge network security technology makes data centers even more secure.

The hosting company drives its entire business with only one philosophy that owning a web site should be economically viable option for just every one. Hence, the web host has solution for a fresher as well as a seasoned professional. Being a green web host, 123-Reg offers eco friendly hosting solutions and thereby contributing to ecological balance. However, it makes sure that its green hosting products and solutions as on par with other competing products in the web site hosting sphere. The web site hosting from the web host comes with different operating system choices including Linux, UNIX, CentOS, Ubuntu, and so on. Moreover, the web hosting company offers a flexible VPS hosting that is makes use of Linux as its operating system.

We hope you found this article reviewing 123Reg informative and useful. Now, in case you decide to host your website with UK’s top web site hosting and domain Registration Company, we would like to offer you a 123-Reg coupon code for a low priced and an exclusive web hosting experience with the renowned web hosting company.

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The Best Web Hosting Service Provider: What Characteristic Qualities to Look For

We have received a number of queries asking the professional ways to identify the best web hosting corporation.  This is a concern every web site owner has been facing ever since the introduction of internet hosting services. Every single internet website administrator and owner want to have an unbiased opinion! An opinion which can be trusted! But the challenge remains the same as identifying the best web hosting provider?

Selection of the best web hosting company requires you to undergo a number of  web hosting reviews, which in itself is a daunting task. Following are some rules to identify best web host. The most significant rule is not to ever trust a suggested purchase unless your own research gives you enough ground to believe such a suggestion. Before considering a recommended purchase  thoroughly consider all the  merits and demerits. Thus, an informed decision should be the only reason for considering a web host. Next important thing is to avoid getting lured into free offers and goodies. Free goodies are of not any use if it does not serves current or future needs. Instead, many a times it proves to a major factor to distract you from the main objective.

The Best Web Hosting

In order to identify the best web hosting  corporation it is extremely important that you research and perform statistical analysis of historical records related to hosting service availability. Hosting service availability is calculated by subtracting entire unplanned downtime from total possible uptime in the calculation window. It excludes all the downtime resulting from any pre-planned maintenance activities pertaining to either IT or Non-IT infrastructure. A maintenance window must always be communicated in advance to the web site administrator. The best web hosting corporation has excellent track record of providing highest hosting service availability and uptime.


The next most important aspect of the best web hosting company is the quality of customer service. Customer service includes both technical support and billing & other non-technical support services. The best web hosting corporation can’t be termed best in absence of satisfactory customer service. Every web site owner and administrator would need hand holding of technical support team to resolve technical issue. Similarly, they would also need support for billing related issues. Additionally, the best web hosting corporation must also provide access to support or service teams through various different ways. It  includes online incident and service ticket logging, phone, email, and instant messenger support. The support received from customer service and technical support teams can be measured from the committed response and resolution window. Historical data of these two parameters can authoritatively vouch for service quality and availability. No web host can be great if there is no committed response and resolution time. Thus, TAT or Turn around Time is a very important matrix. These are more important parameters to be considered than factors such as price, free goodies, or hosting solution providers turnover.


The other factors that must be taken into account include price, duration or term of binding contract, hosting features and limitations, and value of free stuff offered in serving website needs.  If aforementioned pointers are carefully and thoroughly reviewed it may not truly be difficult to find good web hosting companies and identify the best web hosting solutions provider. We hope you found this post informative and we would like to Thank You for your time.


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Top Rated Autoresponders – Multiply Your Profits

Welcome to our latest blog post on top rated autoresponders! If you are in online marketing business or not, most likely you very well understand  the importance of using the top rated autoresponders. An email campaign is very useful in both internet marketing and off-line traditional mode of marketing. Those who have used it understand that it very soon becomes the lifeblood of every business.

The  top rated autoresponders service provider are a must have for every aspirating business entrepreneur for online success. Email marketing campaigns are not truly outdated as commonly believed by many people. It is easy to understand how vital it is to have a good autoresponder if you ask those seasoned business entrepreneurs. However, it is vital to understand the fact that email marketing campaigns and top rated autoresponders can be effective only if prospects list is well nurtured and targeted. Moreover, these powerful tips must be used diligently rather than being recklessly exploited with no results.


Best Autoresponders


12SecondCommute is among the best auto-responders because it boasts all the below listed features of a good quality auto-respose service.

Ease of Use

When using an online service it is always a good idea to have simple to use service. It is rightly said “It is better to keep things simple in the long run”. Keeping things simple usually turns out for the better in the long run.

Video Training

The online service of any kind must provide good quality tutorials including video tutorials in adding to text describing services features in detail. It can significantly shorten the learning curve. Moreover, videos must be shorter.

24/7 Customer Support

Online services including autoresponders cannot be successful in absence of superior quality technical support that is accessible round the clock through a variety of communication channels such as phone, chat, email, and online portals.

Low Cost

With high cost autoresponders and such other tools the online business may not remain a very viable option. Hence, such supplementary services must not cost exceedingly high.

Trackable Results

Email marketing campaign cannot be of great value if  vital statistics are not available. The tools delivered results must be trackable and comprehensive in scope.

Inclusion of other marketing services

You not only need the top rated autoresponders, but also an effective and convenient way to integrate with other services for instance a capture page builder.

Top autoresponder service providers deliver auto response service well integrated with other services such as an effective landing and capture page builder, a comprehensive advertisement and URL tracking service, and various other online services. It enhances the probability of online success. Moreover, many a time all these services are not priced separately. Instead, they are all priced as a single entity. Top service providers also offer an unconditional free trial without requiring use of any credit card. Now that you know characteristic features of the top rated autoresponders it times to load you favorite search engine in the browser to find one that suits you campaign requirements.

We hope you found this blog post informative and meeting your expectation. We also believe that you enjoyed reading this article as much as we enjoyed creating it. Our web site also has a large compilation of articles reviewing a number of web site hosting services. In addition to reviews we also offer our readers with promo codes or discount coupons to enjoy superior hosting services at awfully low rates.


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Best Website Hosting Reviews: How to Pick The Best?

Everyday we receive several user requests asking for ways to identify the most authoritative review amongst a bunch of best website hosting reviews. The concern however, primarily related to the quest to select the best web hosting  solutions provider. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to differentiate between good, better, and the best review. So let’s explore those check points that make a hosting review good or not so good. While there are no hard and fast rules, there are certainly some important tips to help our readers identify the best website hosting reviews from amongst a mix of genuine, authoritative, and sales pitch type reviews.

Best Web Hosting Reviews

The best website hosting reviews never make blind recommendations or suggestions. Such reviews always provide facts based statistical data to evaluate hosting companies. Users or readers are not encouraged to take ill-informed decisions by good review companies. Following are the very important check list items you should be looking for in best website hosting reviews.


The first and foremost factor in the checklist is website hosting service reachability and availability. This is commonly termed as uptime.

A website that frequently goes down is is less likely to attract repeated  customer visits. Thus, need to keep the web site up and running is appropriated by one and all. Any and every web hosting review that overlooks this most important hosting need should therefore, be treated as irrelevant in your web host comparison and selection endeavor. Stamping a hosting company as number one in the top ten list without any historical statistics information about uptime is an completely meaningless. Uptime is calculated as total amount of time the hosting service was available during a given time period. It includes the planned maintenance time and excludes unplanned activities or incidents resulting in the downtime. It is important to note that it is the hosting service uptime that is calculated and not just web server uptime.


After service availability comes response and resolution window for customer services delivered by the hosting service provider. Customer service consists of both technical support and customer care services. The measurement of quality of customer service is the committed response and resolution window for every incident and service request. In terms of importance the incident and service request  response and resolution commitment comes immediately after hosting service uptime and availability comes. Every web admin would need help of technical support and customer care divisions at some point in time during their web hosting tenure. Hence, you cannot afford to overlook customer service in your best web host selection even if the hosting solution is dirt cheap. The committed TAT is what assures and measures the web site hosting quality. Apart from turn around time the number of available communication channels also matters a lot. For instance, only web based incident and service request logging may not be a convenient option in some kinds of emergencies. Hence, the support and customer service teams must be reachable on multiple mediums including phone, email, web based or online ticketing, and live instant messenger based support.


In addition to aforementioned factors best website hosting reviews must also take into account other important factors (listed in order of their significance) such as  price, hosting contract term, and hosting features and limitations, and utility of  free offers in serving present or future needs.


We are sure you would have liked this informative blog post and we would like to thank you for your time.

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Top Webhosting Forums: Why Use Them?

Everything in this world is transforming. Be it business or relationships digitization is the buzz words these days. New trends have changed, the mode in which people interact with each and others, completely. It is a completely new paradigm shift from traditional ways. The new digital or online collaboration tools a many. Some of them include social network sites, tweeting, blogging, and online user communities or forums. Online  forum participation is an effective way to share information and collaborate with other members. Top Webhosting Forums are the online platforms to bring together people interested in internet hosting solutions and hosting solutions providers. Forums have a very vital role to play in business, personal, and academic life of an individual in this modern world.

Top Webhosting Forums

Regardless of what you do you would feel the power of user communities and hence may not undermine its importance. Whether you want to research a subject, learn how to execute the  task at hand, or simply want to share you ideas and ideologies power of online communities can be felt by you. It is possible to initiate multiple discussion threads on a topic or sub-topic for participation. Top Webhosting Forumsmake use of application or software solutions to provide  plug-ins, tools, add-ons, and scripts to effective in collaboration  and communication with other members.

Top Webhosting Forumshave also been responsible for making  it convenient to promote web hosting services, business, and products. Forums have therefore become an awesome tool to promote almost everything, from physical to virtual, and capture the market. Precisely for this reason top webhosting forums have gained so much importance in hosting industry.

Top Webhosting Forums have time and again proved that they’re a powerful tool to bring together both regional members and targeted communities spreading across geographical boundaries. A quick Google search lists hundreds of web hosting review and comparison companies that provide top webhosting forums.Therefore, researching a good quality hosting solutions company does not call for any efforts these days. All that you need is to know the appropriate keyword. Thus, forums tend to be the most efficiencious and powerful tool in the learning and researching process.

Most of the forums that are not regularly moderated tend to become a heaven for spamming activities. Spamming is a major bottleneck in the achievement of main objective. Forums that do not strongly discourage spamming tend to distract genuine members and thus tend to have declining membership levels. This is one of the major drawbacks or shortcomings many good forums have suffered in the past. Top Webhosting Forumsare no exception to the above observations. If not taken seriously user forums and online user communities tend to get heavily misused for marketing campaigns. Nevertheless, if you change the perspective you would realize that what is a shortcoming for forum owner and member becomes a boon for people associated with marketing activities and products or services companies. Not only this, so many times members tend to supplement marketing efforts without even have even the remote idea of what they are actually doing.

In light of above facts, there should not be any difficulty in gauging how forums play such an important role in just anything that sells on the net.

We believe you enjoyed reading this post full of vital information and would like to thank you for your time.

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Fantastico Internet Hosting Review Helps You Discover Powerful Features of Fantastico

All types of web sites need a lot of customization, and automation. Therefore, administrators require a number of scripts to add new features, customize or automate current set of features and functionalities. Static HTML sites load lightening fast, but are lack features and power of a dynamic database driven website. Therefore, use of scripting becomes very important factor for website functionality. However, due to complications associated with installation and configuration of complex scripts and programs automation in this has been an important requirement of web admins. This automation has been delivered through a script library program called fantastico. Script library program is a feature of Fantastico Internet Hosting. With fantastico it is possible to install scripts with a few clicks.

Fantastico Internet Hosting generally has a largest compilation of commercial and freeware scripts. The scripts stored in fantastico are well organized in the form of a script library. This is instrumental in automation and easy addition of dynamic features to a web site.  Fantastico with its large free and commercial scripts compilation is capable of delivering extensively automated installation and configuration of scripts on any web site as far as it is Fantastico Internet Hosting. Thus, it makes the administration task for a web site admins extremely simple and efficient. Fantastico module is generally accessible through web site’s control panel post installation and configuration of fantastico. The web user interface or UI of fantastico allows a web site admin to execute scripts installation and configuration tasks should there be a need to introduce newer features and functionalities to a website.

Fantastico Internet Hosting

Fantastico Internet Hosting provides enhanced integration with much popular control panel software including cPanel. A Fantastico Internet Hosting consists of a pre-installed Fantastico scripts library. Because of it powerful features over 10 thousand web servers are enabled with dynamic hosting features. It is also claimed that over a million web masters all over the world have benefited from awesome automation features of fantastico.

Fantastico allows for simultaneous execution of multiple scripts on creation of a new web site. Almost every fantastico script has some kind of relation with the back-end database. These scripts when installed may also create, alter, or even drop tables or records in the back end database. Similarly, it may deal with installation of programs or alterations on file permissions, or software application’s configuration files of web server. Fantastico library hosts both closed source as well as open source scripts making it leverage the power of both the worlds.

Fantastico hosting uses its powerful and robust framework to automate installation and configuration of more than 50 complex applications with just few clicks of a mouse button. These complex applications also include web site content management system (CMS), ecommerce shopping cart apps, wikis, blogs, and so on.  It is worth making a point here that the single installation and instance of fantastico is enough to install and configure multiple hosting features on multiple web sites hosted under one single hosting account. In this context, you are encouraged you to go ahead install and use Fantastico script library on your web hosting servers.

We welcome your comments and questions pertaining to features and enhancements offered by fantastico. We hope you found our review on fantastico internet hosting meaningful and enlightening. We would like to thank you for your time and appreciate your comments and questions.

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4shared.com Reviews: Discover 4shared File Hosting Account Synchronization

A number of 4shared.com reviews, have reviewed one of the most renowned file hosting and file sharing service out there on the internet. The file sharing host provides a free and premium platform for 4shared registered members to upload, store, add, delete, and manage files in real time. Members can organize file as per their requirement and share stored files with others members of 4shared. There are provisions in place, to allow registered users to search archived files that have been shared with public with different options. The files listed in search results can be retrieved for free, with delayed download and instantly with premium membership. If files are not shared with public, the URL needs to shared to access the files. Only files shared with public are searchable. A number of 4shared reviews have mentioned that users can have multiple file sharing accounts and conveniently sync them with their computer or mobile device.

4shared.com Reviews

The application that allows you to sync 4shared accounts is called 4shared desktop or 4shared Sync. The tool allows synchronization of files stored in different accounts. The synchronization app does not cost any money. With the sync app there is no requirement to visit the website for uploading or downloading files. The 4shared app allows easy upload, add, delete, and file management functionalities. Effective use of sync app requires some initial configuration to be performed post installation of the software program. The most important configuration is setting up 4shared login credentials in the app. Once login credentials are setup the automatic synchronization is ready to be kicked off. Synchronization of more than one 4shared hosting account is possible. Several 4shared.com reviews have tested compatibility of synchronization software on a variety of operating system platforms, which includes Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and mobile device operating systems such as Android, Symbian OS, iOS and Blackberry.


The synchronization software stays in system tray or device memory and keeps synchronization on at active intervals. The 4shared desktop application provides a system tray menu to synchronize files and view files and folder by opening main application interface. The synchronization is by default configured to works in both the directions. Once synchronization is complete changes start reflecting on 4shared folders or local directories depending upon the direction of synchronization. When sync is configured to work in either direction, soon after the new files are copied or dragged & dropped to local designated folder, the sync app uploads files to 4shared folder as soon as the internet access is available. Many 4shared reviews agree on the point that if the sync app is configured appropriate it can help save data usage on mobile device. Such 4shared reviews recommend configuring the software to use internet bandwidth, proxy server settings, and an easily accessible synchronization folder on local disk partition, other than the one used operating system.


4shared.com reviews have revealed that sync software app imitates more or less the same behavior on all platforms. It is also similar in functionality to DropBox software. The software program allows synchronizing 4shared multiple accounts and at the same time retains sync logs. Sync logs can be used to track upload or download activities, and other parameters such as date, time, and system name if required. The sync history windows can be opened using system tray menu.


We hope you would found this post informative and we would like to thank you for reading.

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