Win Free Adwords Credits in Different Ways

You have landed this blog post perhaps because you were searching for different ways to win free Adwords credits. However, before we jump into ways to Adwords credits let us first understand what Adwords credit is all about. Adwords is Google’s program for website or online business advertisement. If allows creation of marketing campaigns and monitor and track expenses incurred on the campaign. The best part of Adwords advertisement program is that it allows you to keep a tight control over the amount of money you want to spend in marketing campaign. The marketing program works by requiring you to bid on the keywords or keywords phrase. You need to pay every time a visitor clicks on your advertisement. Thus, it is pay per action based marketing and advertisement program.

Win Free Adwords Credits

There are various ways to avail  free Adwords credits if you try to search online. There are various online programs that offer free Adwords credits. However, each program may have certain pre-conditions that must be fulfilled. In some cases it requires you to create a free or premium account with specific type of services. Post account is created a coupon code is delivered with instructions to activate and use the coupon code to avail free Adwords credits.

Some programs allow you to register for some services. Such programs in turn enter your name, email address, or phone number for random or lucky draw. If you name comes up in the random or lucky draw, you win free Adwords credits and are provided with instructions to redeem the Adsense credit. I found a web site that requires you to write an article on their Adsense ready WordPress Theme and post that article on your blog or website. Once you provide the link of your blog post to the company, you are entered to win free Adwords credits. The winner receives over $50 in free Adwords promotional code, which can be redeemed while setting up the Adwords campaign for your website or online business. However, before you get to win free Adwords credits, your article must fulfill some conditions. The conditions require the article to be 100% original and must pass the Copyscape duplication test. Moreover, the blog post must also link to back to the Webmastercrunch website on one of the two anchor texts such as “Adsense ready WordPress theme” or “Default Sense”.

Most of the times the coupon codes are bounded to pre-defined time limit. The coupon code must be redeemed on or before expiry of the time limit or else the coupon code expires and is not usable. There is yet another way to get absolutely free Adwords credit. All you need to do is have a web site. The web site must be live for some time as stated in Google Adwords terms. Should you meet the Google Adwords terms and conditions all you need to do is sign-up a new Google Adwords account. Google offers free Adwords credit from time to time and the amount varies for $75 Google Adwords credit to up to $250. Each promotional campaign has its own requirements and may require you to incur some out of the pocket expenses to run advertisement campaigns using Google Adwords.

Thus, you could win Adwords credits from time to time depending on your active use of internet and ability to spot such free offers on the internet.

Posted November 19, 2012 by admin3 in Webmaster Resources


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