Banners and Google Ads Sizes and Types: Most Common 234×60 or 468×60 ?

Banners are perhaps one of the most widely employed tools for advertising on the internet. These kinds of advertisements first came out in the year 1994. The banners are characterized by their different sizes. The banner size is actually decided by the web designers and programmers. At the time, when they were developing the website they leave some space to accommodate in the text and graphical ads and banners. Banners are generally measured out in pixels and not to mention the most common size is 468X60. The banner size in most probabilities likely to differ on different servers. Google Adsense is known to use a regular sized 728 x 90 leader boards and 300 x 250 rectangle shaped inline only.

Banners can be integrated with GIF animations to lure the onlookers. Generally only the advertisements with rigid emplacements are recognized as banners. Nevertheless, these days’ pop-up advertisements are some times termed as banners. With increasing technology there happens to be new types of banners that have been introduced. Some of them are:


Google Ads 234x60 Sizes Banners


The Expandable Banner

The standard size of a banner is 486X60 pixels. The expandable banner enlarges itself to thrice the original size or even more, in case the computer mouse rolls over it, as soon as you remove the mouse it reverts back to the normal size.

The Margin Landscape Banner

The margin banners tend to be fixed and do not get repositioned should the users scroll on a page. Reason for it is that the internet web sites are configured for a standard screen size which happens to be usually smaller, however some users use larger screens that leaves an empty space at the bottom. The margin banners accommodate themselves in that blank space.

The Full-Scale Takeover Banner

The banner live up to its name and covers the complete page for a fixed time period and then disappears. The banner generally tends to have a see-through background that makes its images and contents visible over the host page. However, these banners are not used often reason being that they look good on websites with a white background that have a lot of other white space too. The banners are still on the page and do not move on page scroll.

The Sticky Banner

These banners are usually varying in size and are more often than not used for very small ad spaces. These banners as the name suggests, stick to the page. So even if the user scrolls the page, they move along.

Search and display banners – This banner facilitate the users to do some searches within the banner itself.

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Article Submission Service

An article submission service is a fairly recent entrant to the world of article marketing tools, and consists of lead generation on the Internet. If you own a web site and you use it to sell your product, service, lifestyle option or even a viewpoint, you need people to arrive and experience it. Although previously you used to type within the URL and search for the site you wanted, you could now just give in a few keywords linked to the topic of interest and the search engine will present with you a list, most often a long and helpful list, of all of the sites that may provide you with info you seek. For you to get into this list you have to make sure you apply proper Search engine optimization methods typically called SEO. As part of this process you’ll have to turn to an article submission service.

Article Submission Service

So that you can identify the most suitable article submission service provider you might need to look at a few points in detail. This is because a lot of fake businesses can be found that either under deliver on the promises they make, or are merely not what they profess to be. As such it is smart to think about their success. A good illustration for this is the presence of websites that promise to post your articles on thousands of sites, but on websites that they themselves have developed only for the purpose of placing these articles. Such websites have little or no visitors and won’t help you generate the response you need.

Furthermore when thinking about article submission services, look into whether the websites are indexed by Google. Otherwise, you are probably ending up losing both your time and effort, with the visitors you want visiting your website going in other places. Next, consider if the article submission service you’re thinking about is doing its job in a organized and systematic manner rather than a aimless method to give you the sensation that they’re performing their work well. Quite a few of these service providers may take your deficiency of knowledge as a sign to do a sloppy job and blame it on some technicality that you simply may not understand. As such it is firmly advised that you simply analyze the internet marketing strategies, along with what the article submission service you’re seriously thinking about is promising you and truly delivering.

A top notch article submission service will offer you a host of benefit additions in addition to merely ensuring your website gets the visitors you request. Some of these consist of, proof reading, translation services and guaranteeing listings by preferred search engines. A equivalence between a couple of this kind of article submission service providers will aid you comprehend what value additions are most relevant for you in terms of article marketing.

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