Best Blog Hosting Services for Full-time Bloggers

Serious blogging and paid blogging are not always synonymous to each other. Professional blogging does not always need to be a paid service. With so many best blog hosting services it is possible to engage yourself in professional full time blogging without incurring any kind of cost.

Blogger being one of the most popular blogging platforms, offers free of cost blogging.  The best blog hosting services from Google, offers no cost feature rich blogging to just anyone, who has Google services’ account. Amongst best blog hosting services providers Blogger lets you setup and configure a custom blog URL of choice with a theme and layout that suits the blog.  AdSense integration or G-Mail integration with blogger is the simplest of all other features. Blogger offers a full blown, time tested blogging platform with a host of plug-in to deliver an awesome blogging experience at absolutely zero cost. You have a wide range of choice as far as layout designs and eye catching templates are concerned. This helps in customizing the way you blog appears in the internet browser. You can customize your blog to suit your personality, taste, character, and style with minimal or absolutely no effort. With an elegant theme blog posts are a way to voice your opinion on different topics and subject.  You need not be a programmer or web designer to set up your blog on this feature rich free blogging platform. Best Blog Hosting Services

Another popular and widely used best blog hosting services is known as 360° from Yahoo. Yahoo’s blogging platform offers more or less the same kind of features as Google’s Blogger. On Google’s blogger labels are used for categorization of blog posts, on Yahoo’s 360° it is called tags. Both labels and tags are essential in for linking and indexing blog. “Tag Cloud” is a tagging system from Yahoo and it appears, on each page, to the left side of a blog post on Yahoo’s 360°. Tag cloud is by default configured to contain keywords relevant to the posts.  Yahoo and Google blogging platforms do not differ much from each other except some looks and layout. Most of the best blog hosting services, which include Google, WordPress, Yahoo, and many more update blog directories immediately after a blog post is created or updated. This ensures posts are quickly indexed in the search results.

Amongst best blog hosting services, WordPress deserves a special inclusion in the blogosphere. WordPress offers basic blogging at absolutely no cost. Advanced features however, are not intended to be used in free blogging and hence are priced. These paid features consist of personalized domain and domain map, advertisement revenue sharing, or extra storage space and require blog upgrade.  WordPress upgrades may not ever be required unless there are plans around making blogging as a full time career or blogging is being done only to make money. WordPress allows complete customization ability as far as bog layout or design and appearances is concerned. However, it may call for knowledge and skills to modify CSS.

Now the question is which one is the best of all three? Let me conclude this discussion by answering this question by stating that on service quality all three rank the same. Selection of one of the best blog hosting services is not a subject matter of better choice but a matter of personal preference.

I hope the blog post was informative and hope you enjoyed reading this.

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Blog Posting Tips & Pointers for Beginners

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An online blog is a website or a portion of online website space, which is usually controlled by an individual  and is full of regular updates, feedback, reviews, remarks, descriptions of events and other things like graphics and sound. Some of them are static and hence do not encourage users to comment and interact with the blog, on the contrary there are other blogs that are quite interactive in nature and contain links to other blogs and web pages on one or more websites. Similarly, these kind of blogs also contain images and texts used to link other pages or websites on the Internet.


Blogging for Beginners


Blogging is quite useful and helps to promote the views, positions and opinions of the other people. Also, you can make your blog posts relatively shorter but generally not less than 250 words. The blog poster might get more concupiscent about his blog and may further work on boosting his or her writing skills. The blogger is at liberty to edit posts to experiment with different keywords or keywords phrases in his or her content writing. Maintaining consistency in the blog posts is helpful in bringing in consistency in the blogger’s style of writing.

Every new blogger must follow a few tips, tricks, techniques and procedures to be a successful blogger. It is rightly said that quality matters more than quantity. So stop worrying about the amount of articles or blog post you make on your blog, but do worry about the quality of the posts, ’cause your readers would usually judge you and your blog based on quality rather than quantity.

When combined, Quality and Quantity are two important factors that can make your blog do wonders.  If you are a novice you may want to publish your blog every day or every once in a week. However, make sure the main content of the blog should attract readers to visit the blog regularly. Blogs should be written only if you are quite confident about the subject matter you are writing on.

Here are some tips and strategies for the beginners to get going with effective blogging…



1. The authors should keep it in mind that they are writing a blog and work on specific themes. It helps a blogger if he practices a lot of writing and also strengthens his or her ability to write great posts.

2. Before you start your very own blog, you may want initiate your writing with some very good articles on some major big yet productive issues. Be productive in your writing style and content. A blog site with only merely one or two topics may apparently look incomplete or empty.

3. Make sure to read and re-read the article or message you are posting before publishing it live. It may help in cleansing the errors and mistakes made in the article.

4. Advertise your blog.  Start discussing your blog and blog posts among your family and friends in order to gather views, opinions and comments.


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Five Elements That Can Spice Up Your Blog

The east may never meet the west and so as the north and the south. The entire Earth might be massive but through the help of the internet, people across the globe are becoming closer and closer everyday. Indeed, the cyberspace has paved way for people to meet those from the other side. Who would’ve thought that convenience would be a better half of convergence?

Everything is possible nowadays. If you can combine convenience and convergence like opposite poles of a magnet, it would be possible that blogs brought by the convenience of technology can be used to effectively draw convergence between people behind businesses and their targeted customers.

The use of blog to promote a business is really a promising strategy that every business can take advantage of. This technique is laden with tons of benefits that businesspeople behind those huge corporations that deal with real estate, promotional items, smaller ones like food carts and other businesses can always look at. Some of the advantages of blogging are:

* Create useful backlinks

* Boost Traffic

* Inexpensive way of marketing a brand

* Easy to navigate

* Provides real-time communication

* It Expands your PR Online

Blogging for Business


Blogging is really a magnificent marketing tactic that one company can practice. Before you take advantage of the ease of the web publishing and low cost marketing strategy, what are the elements that can make your blog a more enticing site to click, read and share?


There are several reasons why people click on a link, read your articles and share it to friends through social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. First of all, your blog must cater the human needs and interest, at the same time must be related to the nature of your business. A web log is ideal for content management system. This allows you to manage the things that should be posted on your site. Posting multi-media like audio file, image and videos with a specific theme or topic would not lead your mouse on a mousepad pointing somewhere and your readers astray.


Fresh and Unique

Reading one’s site is not enough and getting one’s idea may not be sufficient. You must always make sure that yours is always ahead of the rest or the cream of the crop. Great blog sites will undoubtedly generate leads especially if its admin will proactively provide fresh and interesting post that would connect to their targeted audience as well as other businesses with the common interest.



People are visual and most of the time they don’t have enough time to read lengthy content. However, readers will be encouraged not skip your site if you will provide visuals that are shot or designed to perfection. Just like the principle of the food businesses, people feed by the eyes so let them savor your posts’ magnificence.



Fresh and enticing contents might bring you ahead of the game but the web design also plays a big roll why people would be interested in reading your blog. Learn how to play with colors and make sure that they would give rainbows instead of eyesore. Furthermore, CSS magic and HTML gimmick can also help you keep readers from browsing through.


Grammar Sensitive

Aside from pictures and visual nirvana, another element of an ideal blog is correct grammar. Correct grammar use might not be important to some but you should always keep in mind that there are readers who are very keen on details. As much as possible, be aware of the words that you use. Be very vigilant on your sentence construction. This might lead Google off track and people to the path of misunderstanding.


Rob Allen is a blogger from


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10 Grammatical Mistakes Commonly Made When Writing.

Several grammatical mistakes are commonly made by people when writing articles without them even realizing, as more than often your trusty old spell checker will miss these mistakes. To most people making these mistakes may not seem that much of a big deal but in the eyes of others, having these errors, the shine and credibility of your articles will be diminished therefor causing hesitation for them to buy from you or to even link or subscribe to your website or blog.

So here in this article I’ll try to cover some of the more commonly made mistakes that people are making so that your writing can shine in the eyes of the Grammar Nazis.

Blogging Writing Grammar Mistakes - Oprah

1. Two, Too or To.

To, is the correct grammar to use in a sentence that is functional or when taking some kind of action. Example: Walking to the shop is a great idea to get some exercise. Or, To have the best articles, you need to check them for grammatical mistakes.

Too, is the correct grammar to use when indicating an addition, something extra or an excess amount of something. Example: I’ll walk the dog to the shops with me too. Or, grammatical mistakes are far too important to be ignored.

Two, is always used as the number ‘2’. Example: Two plus two equals four. Or, two of my grammatical mistakes went unnoticed.

2. Know, Now or No.

No, is a refusal, a negative reply to a question or a disagreement. Example: If you don’t want to walk to the shop with me, just say no. Or, there is no excuse for having grammatical mistakes in your articles.

Know, is used as a verb, it’s the correct spelling to use when indicating that you have understood. Example: I know that the shop will be open until 5pm. Or, you should now know how to spot these grammatical mistakes.

Now, is an adverb used to indicate the present moment. Example: I am now walking to the shop. Or, now my articles should be free from grammatical mistakes.

3. Their, There, or They’re.

Their, is indicating the possessive version of ‘they’ and is used when talking about someone. Example: The shop opens their doors at 9am. Or, all article writers should be checking their work for grammatical mistakes.

There, is used to describe a location. Example: The shop was closed when I got there. Or, there should be no grammatical mistakes in your articles after you have checked them.

They’re, should only be used as a shorter version of ‘They are’. Example: I think they’re the best shops in town. Or, grammatical mistakes, they’re easy to find. This one is easy to remember if you just repeat the sentence back to yourself using ‘they are’. Example: You wouldn’t use, I will buy some bread from the shop when I get they’re because that would mean, I will buy some bread from the shop when I get they are (and that doesn’t make sense).

4. Alot, Allot or A Lot.

A lot, is used to indicate large amounts of an item. Example: You won’t need a lot of money to go to the shop. Or, I found a lot of grammatical mistakes in my article.

Allot, indicates the distribution of something. Example: I will allot you two cookies when I get back from the shop. Or, if I allot you one article, you can check it for me for grammatical mistakes.

Alot, is simply not a correct word and should not be used, so it’s easy to remember.

5.Effect and Affect.

Affect, describes the influence of something and is a verb. Example: I have a sore leg so walking to the shop may affect me. Or, grammatical mistakes always have a huge affect on the quality of your writing.

Effect, this word is usually used as a noun to indicate a result of something.Example: The effect of checking your writing for grammatical mistakes will greatly improve the quality of your articles. It can be easy to get these two words mixed up if you’re not careful, so read the sentence back and use ‘the‘ before the word effect and it should still make sense. Example: Writing (should effect me) would usually be incorrect because having ‘the‘ before it is not going to make sense. The correct way would usually be (should affect me, or should the effect on me).

6. It’s and Its.

Its, is a pronoun and used as a possessive word. Example: The shop is advertising its products. Or, I improved the quality of my article by fixing its grammatical mistakes.

It’s, should only be used to shorten ‘it is’, Example: It’s a long walk to the shop. Or, I think it’s a good idea to always check your articles for grammatical mistakes. These two are easy to mix up as well, so once again read the sentence back to yourself using ‘it is‘ instead of it’s. If it sounds dumb like ‘the shop has lowered the price of ‘it is‘ bread then obviously the correct word to use is ‘its’ and not ‘it’s‘.

7. Your and You’re.

Your, should also be used as a possessive pronoun. Example: I am going to the shop in your neighborhood. Or, you should be checking your articles for grammatical mistakes.

You’re, is only ever used as a shorter version of ‘you are’. Example: It’s going to rain so I hope you’re going to bring the umbrella to the shop. Or, you’re going to have better articles now with no grammatical mistakes. The sentence should still make sense when reading it back using ‘you are’ instead of ‘you’re‘.

8. I.e and E.g.

I.e, is a Latin phrase ‘id est’, it means, ‘that is’, it can be used as another way to say ‘in other words’. Example: It’s just a stone throw to the shop, I.e, not very far. This can be used as a definition or to make what you’ve written clearer to your reader.

E.g, is the Latin phrase exempli gratia and means ‘for example’ and so should be used when giving specific examples that support your assertion. Example: The shop has plenty of great products, e.g, bread, milk, butter, tea, coffee, sugar, soft drinks, juices.

9. Loose or Lose.

Lose, this is a verb that means to you have lost something. Example: Be careful not to lose your money walking to the shop. Or, you may lose readers if your articles have grammatical mistakes.

Loose, this word is an adjective and it means the opposite to tight. Example: You will need to wear some loose clothing for the walk to the shop.

10. Choose or Chose.

Chose, this describes the past tense of making a selection and is a verb. Example: I chose to walk to the shop for some exercise.

Choose, this is a verb as well but this time it describes the present tense of a selection you are making. Example: If you choose to fix the grammatical mistakes in your artices the quality of your writing will be a lot better.

By: Ian Beard.

Check out my blog at: for lots more about article writing and getting free targeted traffic for your blog or site.



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