Best Web Host Review: How to Identify a Genuine Review?

Internet is full of fake product and services reviews. Therefore, it is often asked by our visitors if it was possible to identify or differentiate fake reviews from valid web host reviews. Even though there are no straight forward rules to this however, there are a few tips for sure to help you identify and differentiate a genuine review from a biased sales pitch or unauthentic review.

Just because a web host review is worded in sophisticated English and appears on a website that has wide readership, does not suggest that such a review is a best web host review. Therefore, you must be able to differentiate between a good and a bad review.  What is most important while shopping any product or service is the fact that the decision is not influenced only by recommendations? Instead it should be based both on facts and recommendations. In nutshell, your decision must be an informed decision.  A best web host review must provide detailed facts and statistics about the web host’s past performance and just not provide recommendations based on superficial facts or only on insignificant parameters. Following are some very important things which, must not be ignored at any cost by a best web host review.

Best Web Host Reviews

Service availability is the most important aspect of web hosting as a web site if not reachable frequently loses its traffic pretty soon. A best web host review always provides you with most accurate statistical facts on different hosting providers. If a review does not include this it cannot be considered as an authority on the subject. Uptime or availability is calculated by subtracting the amount of time the website was down, other than for any pre-planned maintenance activity, from the total amount of time in a given time period. Excluding the maintenance window the web site must be fully functional in order to be considered as up and running.  Moreover, the downtime must be pre-planned and communication must be made to client in advance in order to qualify as maintenance downtime. In absence of advance intimation the amount of time a website is not reachable must be treated as downtime. Lastly, the uptime refers to the completely functional website rather than just the web server.

Customer care and tech support services are the next most important aspects of a best web host review. With poorer customer service it is not possible to sustain a huge website with innumerable number of visitors.  Every web site that hosts even moderately complex application must have a back-end technical support. So is the importance of a friendly yet professional customer care team as there is always a possibility of a billing or other kind of non-technical issue distracting you from your core business.

Lastly but importantly, the number of ways in which support team can be approached is another factor of great importance. Some of the commonly offered communication channels include phone, email, online ticket based incident logging system, or live chat. The service quality is assessed on the parameters of response time and   resolution window to close the incident. A response time assures the promptness and quality of customer service.

Price, contract term, and features offered are other important parameters to be taken into account by the best website hosting review. We are sure you would have liked this informative blog post and we would like to thank you for viewing.

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Compare Fatcow Hostgator and Pick the Best for Your Website

Welcome to our latest comparative review of Fatcow and Hostgator. Price and several other marketing gimmicks always tend to confuse many internet marketers. Moreover, we received many requests to compare Fatcow Hostgator and other such hosting providers. Therefore, we thought it was necessary to write a comparative review comparing two well-known hosting providers out there. The comparison of these two hosts is essentially a comparison of their hosting product’s features. While it is true that both the hosting companies have a great amount of similarities, nevertheless both differ in many aspects as well. In this review post we have attempted to compare and highlight how both the web host differ from each other.

As against Fatcow, which offers only a one type of hosting plan, Hostgator has three different Linux hosting plans viz. Hatching, Baby, and Swap. All hosting plans both from Fatcow and Hostgator employ powerful and flexible Linux operating system on their servers. If you glance at and compare Fatcow Hostgator, both the hosting companies and their hosting plans you would notice that both offer unlimited storage space, network bandwidth, data transfer, hosted domains, MySQL Databases, FTP Account, Add-on Domains, Sub-Domains, POP3 Accounts, Email Aliases, and auto responders. Fatcow hosting is priced at $3.67 a month and Hostgator hosting starts at $3.95 per month.

Further if you compare Fatcow Hostgator you would notice quite a few differences between the two. Let’s look at how key differences freebies with hosting plans. Fatcow hosting lacks free dedicated IP, free private SSL, and free web site migration. Similarly, it does not support ecommerce features such as Private SSL, osCommerce Cart, ZenCart, Cube Cart whereas Hostgator lacks PayPal support, ShopSite, and PowerPay features. Let’s compare and discover differences in e-mail Features include catch alls, mail forwarding, and IMAP support from Hostgator.

Both web hosts support many scripts And applications features. However, as far as differences are concerned Hostgator additionally supports Fast CGI, SSH, Cron, Curl, GD, Image Magick while Fatcow supports Joomla and MIDI. When we compare Fatcow Hostgator on web site statistics features it is very much evident that Hostgator plans come loaded with website statistics features such as AWStats, Webalizer, Raw Log Manager, Referrer Logs, and Error Logs which are missing in Fatcow hosting plan.

Hostgator ranks high on cPanel features against Fatwcow as well. Hostgator additionally offers extended support for Fantastico, Soholaunch, Hotlink Protection, IP Deny Manager, Custom Error Pages, Instant Portals/CMS/Blog, Instant Forums, Instant Guestbook, Instant FormMail, Redirect URL, File Manager, PW Protected Directories, and phpMyAdmin. Hostgator against ranks high when you compare Fatcow Hostgator on a number of other features such as on Own Toll-Free Number, PHP nuke, Multiple Hosting Plan, Windows Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and VPS hosting. However, Fatcow unlike Hostgator offers domain registration service.

Compare Fatcow Hostgator

Finally when we compare Fatcow Hostgator, and discovered that fatcow ranks high on important aspect of online business by offering free marketing tools and free credits from Google Adwords, Yahoo!, Bing/MSN Ad Credits, Facebook Ad Credits, and listing. Keeping aside these differences, both web host support most importantly 99.90% service uptime commitment. Similarly, they both offer a 45 days money back guarantee.

We hope you found this comparative post informative and we would like to thank you for your time. Now should you choose one of them we also have Hostgator Coupon code and Fatcow Coupon code for you. Happy Hosting!

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Hosting Hostpapa or Hostgator for Your Website

Welcome to the latest review and comparison of two popular web hosts called Hostpapa and Hostgator. Many internet marketers who have just plunged in the ocean of internet marketing are confused and do now know if the web host they should be partnering with for their web site is suitable or not. Hence, we decided to write a quick review to compare two widely known and used web site hosting services called Hostpapa and Hostgator. In fact, many a time when web marketers decide for a new web site hosting, Hostpapa or Hostgator are among the first few names that pops in the mind at once. Both a web hosts have a number of similarities and also some noteworthy differences, which we will try to highlight in this comparative review.

Hosting Hostpapa or Hostgator

As against Hostgator, which offers three different types of Linux hosting, Hostpapa offers just single hosting plan. Hostgator has named its hosting plans as Hatching, Baby, and Swap all based on powerful Linux hosting. In case you are not sure about the right kind of hosting, Hostpapa or Hostgator both offer unlimited storage, bandwidth, and hosted domains except for Hostgator’s hatching hosting plan which limits number of hosted domain to one. All hosting plans from both the web host are Linux based hosting and are priced starting at $3.95 a month.

The other hosting, Hostpapa or Hostgator differences include number of FTP Accounts. While Hostpapa limits it Hostgator offers unlimited FTP accounts. Similarly, Hostgator offers Free Dedicated IP, Free Private SSL, Free Site Builder, and Free Web Site Migration while Hostpapa offers Free Domain registration with its hosting plans. As far as client service is concerned Community Forum and User Guide is not a choice with Hostpapa, which is offered by hostgator. As regards E-Commerce features Private SSL, Shared SSL, osCommerce Cart are positives of Hostgator while Hostpapa additionally has support for PayPal integration, which is not a very great thing per se. On emails features front against the web host does not support Catchall accounts, which means a number of sales or other enquiries may get missed.

In our review on hosting, Hostpapa or Hostgator were found to have support for a number of scripts. While Hostgator was boasting support for Fast CGI, Ruby On Rails, SSH, Python, Curl, GD, Image Magick, and Streaming Audio/Video, Hostpapa web host was found to have strong support for Shockwave, Joomla, Mambo, Moodle, b2evolution, and MIDI. Similarly, while Hostpapa boasts a bunch of free marketing credits including Google Ad Credits, Yahoo Ad Credits, Bing/MSN Ad Credits, Miva Ad Credits, Free BidVertiser Clicks, and Facebook Ad Credits, Hostgator ranks high on additional Control Panel Features such as Hotlink Protection, IP Deny Manager, Instant Portals/CMS/Blog, Instant Counter, and Redirect URL.

No review on hosting, Hostpapa or Hostgator is complete unless the uptime is compared as well. Hence we compared the two hosts on their uptime commitment and money back guarantee. In our comparison we found that Hostgator against ranks higher than Hostpapa on both of these parameters. While Hostgator offers 99.90% minimum uptime Hostpapa is little conservative with only commitment of 99.00%. Similarly, the web host only proposes 30 days money back guarantee, whereas Hostgator extends the money back guarantee up to 45 days. Hostgator again offers VPS, and Dedicated hosting as well which is not the case with Hostpapa.

We hope you found this comparative post informative and we would like to thank you for your time.

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GoDaddy Review : A Quick Look at Web Host Offerings

GoDaddy is a hosting company that was a rapid success post its incorporation in year 1997. The web host’s instant success is largely attributable to it very popular super bowl commercials and needless to say company’s very high profile mascots. GoDaddy is equally popular for its domain registration and domain hosting services at very affordable prices. If the two services of the web host are to be compared, it would come out in the GoDaddy review that the domain registration services of the hosting company are more popular. Since its inception the web host has so far the biggest domain registrar with the highest number of registered domain names in the whole world.

This GoDaddy review aims at exploring different characteristic features of the hosting company and its hosting offerings that may be relevant to the hosting needs of our readers. The web hosting provider offers hosting accounts that are powered by features such as huge disk space for web site data storage, sufficient amount of network bandwidth for almost any kind of web site, instant hosting account setup and activation, Google Webmaster Tools, and free Google AdWords credits. There are many more to this long list. The hosting services and solutions from the hosting corporation are specially crafted to suits all kinds of hosting needs of individual hosting accounts to high end businesses having their large ecommerce portals.

Godaddy Review

In our GoDaddy review we also touched upon the reliability and uptime aspects of the web hosting company. While it is well known that the hosting company has suffered from the negative or bad publicity due to its past performance especially in terms of poor uptime, nevertheless GoDaddy has been constantly working and to a great extent has been successful in changing the perception of its current clients and potential market. Hence, there are visible signs of improvements picking up. In our review, we found GoDaddy to be a reliable hosting partner. Because of continuous improvement plans the web hosting company has got things coming back on track. No wonder its clients have started to notice considerable difference in overall performance.

When reviewing the control panel feature in our GoDaddy review we also discovered that web hosting company does not use readymade control panel software. Instead, they have developed control panel software for their own use. We found this proprietary control panel software used by the web host not only easy to use but also very intuitive. However, if you have been using cPanel you may have a learning curve to get used to this new control panel. GoDaddy’s control panel caters to the complete range of hosting services offered by them. Hence, even though the control panel may apparently look messy, it truly isn’t difficult to master in a short while.

Finally in our GoDaddy review we tried to understand and judge the customer service quality of the web host. We found the tech support team to responsive, prompt, and reasonable in addressing concerns and queries every time we asked them. For a company with large client base, it was truly a prompt support. However, due to large volume of call they still have a relatively higher waiting time, but you can be rest assured of resolution to your problems.

Even though control panel is not the best in hosting industry, good quality support and reasonable pricing is what makes this web host a good hosting company and is responsible for making them the biggest hosting companies in the US.

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Best Forum Host: Features Review

A lot of people tend to underestimate the power of online communication and hence role of online forums. However, research shows that forums are amongssr the best online modes to communicate, debate, and shape awareness about current or new ideas, thoughts, and beliefs. Participation in user forums lets you communicate and interact with people across geographical limits on any subject. Because of this very nature of online user forums, any kind of efforts to establish an online community of interest groups is not complete in absence of user forum. Whatever are your requirements as far as forums and purpose opinion is concerned, forums are the best online places to promote a website, a product, or a service. There is no replacement for user forums as far as best promotional activities are under consideration. In conext of this background it is no surprise why a “best forum host” is becoming the buzz words  amongst internet marketers.

Best Forum Host

Hosting an online community essentially involves search of different forum hosting companies and selection of a best forum host and a best hosting solutions package. Post setting up hosting account, you would need right kind of forum application software that is user friendly and easy to navigate.  Once your forum is live it is pretty convenient to host discussion threads to seek opinion from participating members on any topic that interests people.  Hosting packages from forum web host are useful in targeting online user communities, which may be   regional and beyond geographical limits.

Apparently forums have gainedso much popularity mainly because of the effectiveness in communication and collaboration on the internet. You can almost instantly discover numerous forums and internet user-groups on literally any topic of interest by googling using suitable keywords or keywords phrase. Forums can help in numerous ways to help in  sharing information, ideas, and knowledge. A best forum host is instrumental in facilitating this knowledge sharing. Thus, forum hosts are responsible for providing a platform, in the form of hosted online community and user groups for learning and developing objectives. This is beyond any doubt a solid ground   for popularity and huge demand for best forum host and the best forum hosting packages, these days.

Since forum members share a common interest and passion on the subject under discussion, users on the forums are misled by spammers and forum becomes a tool that is misused  for serving les and marketing goals. A  best forum host has processes and well documented procedures to moderate such activities and prevent online communities and forums hosted on their servers from being misused by spammers. Forums tend to be a target for exploitation primarily because of their power to generate highly targeted visitors to a website, which in turn can generate huge online sales for digital as well as physical products. Moreover, a lot of referal business is actually generated by participating members of a forum, thereby considerably reducing the efforts involved in the process.

A best forum hosting provider specializes in installation, hosting, and support of online communities, forums, and focus groups. Such companies commit superior uptime, relibility, speed, enhanced data security, privacy, and convenience. Being database driven dynamic websites a best forum host must be selected post through research on the net. An informed decision is what it takes to host a great user forum.

We would like to thank you for you time and hope this post was informative.

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EZ Web Hosting Coupon Code and Review

Are you sick of your web host that has still not upgraded its infrastructure and continues to offers same old style hosting services, products, and solutions. If you feel you your are stuck in such situation it’s time to change and with this EZ Web hosting review there should absolutely be no difficulty in changing over to a new web hosting company. Many web site hosting providers have modified their hosting offerings in order to adapt to the dynamics of the internet hosting industry. Ez Web host is a renowned hosting solutions company that has adapted itself to the hosting dynamism by introduction of cutting edge technologies for state of the arts web hosting. It is a candid endeavor in this EZ Web hosting review blog post, to enable our readers with most essential facts about the web host.

Ez Web host has been successful in delivering ultra modern, reliable, robust, and simple net hosting products and services. This has been achievable because of the customer centric approach of the web host. Moreover, this is one of the primary factors that have contributed to the continuous growth of the web host. Our EZ Web hosting review revealed that the company carries the necessary hosting infrastructure together with a great professional support team, which will exceed all your expectations.

Ez Web Hosting

The hosting products and solutions offered by the company propose over 24 months and 12 months contracts choices if you are looking for discounted pricing. The hosting solution pricing starts at $6.95 each month for a 12 months contract. However, should you seek further discounting it is possible with 24 months hosting services contract, which effectively reduces the hosting services cost to over a meager $5.95 a month. Moreover, in case you decide to select EZ Web host as your hosting partner after reading our EZ Web hosting review, and should you be interested in further discounts, we have Ez Web Coupon Code to offer you.

The web host guarantees up to 99.9% service availability or up-time even at discounted prices. It is an explicit display of solid commitment to serve its customer from the web host. The 99.9% uptime guarantee is assured based on high performance and redundant web hosting infrastructure. Together with uptime guarantee comes an unconditional or no questions asked full refund guarantee for up to 30 days, thereby allowing a new customers to check for themselves the value in company’s claims.

When it comes to tech support services for resolution of technical issues, it is possible to log incidents and service requests over the net through an online portal. There are some self-help tools such as a large video library to help you know the right configuration and avoid potential problems. The host offers unlimited storage space, network bandwidth, unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, and a number of other features such as mailing lists, email account, email aliases, auto-responders, sub-domains, cPanel Control panel, a collection of over 800 website templates, and a powerful web site builder.

The web host’s data center hosts high performance database and web servers, high bandwidth links, and superior network and security equipments. With the help of courteous and professional client service teams, web host resolves all your hosting problems.

Our web site compiles a number of hosting reviews and offer new hosting discounts. We hope you found this blog post informative and we would like to offer Ez Web Host Coupon Code.

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Hosting24 Review: What Does the Web Host has For You?

Welcome to our new post on Hosting24 Review. Hosting24 is one of the most renowned hosting companies among top web hosting services providers. The web host offers a number of features including PHP, MySQL database, cPanel control panel, web site builder and a world class 24/7/365 days support. The hosting providers offers both shared and reseller web site hosting services, and domain name registration services.  The webhost guarantees over 99.99% uptime along with a 30 days full unconditional refund.

Hosting24 Review revealed that webhost’s unlimited offers include disk space, bandwidth, MySQL back-end databases, and POP3 email accounts. You can create and use as many instance of databases or POP3 accounts as you need. The webhosting from Hosting24 comes with a number of software and scripts including but not limited only to remote MySQL, to remotely manage your MySQL database and phpMyAdmin, which happens to be most appropriate tool for both PHP and MySQL tasks.

Hosting24 Review

In Hosting24 Review we also discovered that the hosting products are fully compliant with PHP 5, Perl/CGI, and Ruby on Rails. RoR is an easy to use web programming language. The webhosting also supports Perl and Pear Module Installer and over 50 scripts at your disposal. All hosting products support FrontPage extensions, custom defined MIME types, Cron Jobs to automate mundane tasks, AWstats, simple and advanced web site builders, ready to use GuestBook,  visitors counter, banner rotators to rotate ads or posts, blogs auto installer, portals auto installer, and gallaries. It also has spam protection and email forwarding features.

In Hosting24 Review we discovered that a number of other hosting features are also supported which includes parked domains, sub domains, add-on domains convenient and easy to use cPanel, web based file manager, regular backups to ensure timely data restorations, Fantastico installer, and custom error pages.  IP Deny manager can help you limited access to your website only from specific location, while you would be able to protect bandwidth leeching with Leech protection.  All hosting products are supported by professional support team around the clock with live chat support, phone support, and email based support.

The best part with Hosting24, as discovered in Hosting24 Review is that it makes use of easy to use applications.  Hence even a novice can conveniently operate and manage his or her hosting accounts without any kind of difficulty. Hosting24 uses cPanel control panel. cPanel is popular for its intuitive user interface (UI). Hosting24 and 000webhost are related. While Hosting24 offer commercial hosting, 000Webhost is involved in providing free hosting service.  Despite being free service 000webhost has fair rating and with their money making arm Hosting24 they are able to deliver quality hosting for free.

Hosting24 has excellent support and client service. However, there is a drawback which noticed in our Hosting24 Review. We observed that the web host goes down for a few seconds at least one a day. The technical support team responded to us that they are working on the issue and it will be fixed pretty soon for sure.  Hence, we feel that Hosting24 has all the potential to solve this problem without any problems. Overall we found hosting with hosting24 a good option.

We hope the review was informative and you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing this review. Now should you desire, make use of our Hosting24 Coupon Code for exclusive discounted hosting with the popular web host.

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Site5 VPS Reviews Info

Welcome to Site5 VPS Reviews Info, our latest blog post of the week.  Site5, a well-known hosting services provider, provides regular VPS Hosting in addition to Cloud VPS Hosting. Site5 is happens to be one of the cPanel VPS hosting providers, which provides a choice of SiteAdmin or MultiAdmin as an alternative to cPanel or WHM or RVSkin.

Site5 provides and allows you to pick the most suitable plans from amongst 11 different VPS plans. Thus, at its best VPS hosting from Site5 delivers over 16 cores at most with 20 GB Memory, 1000 GB disk storage, and up to 7 TB of monthly data transfer. Moreover, these hosting plans can become very cost effective by activating Site5 promo code from us and also a number of Site5 VPS Reviews, which enables up to 33.3% discount depending upon the current promotional schemes.


As revealed by many Site5 VPS Reviews it is important to understand that the Site5 provides basic Cloud VPS starting merely at double the cost of normal hosting plans. If VPS hosting plans were to be compared purely on price with other average VPS hosting plans in completion. Moreover, VPS hosting is powered by 100% redundancy and scalability in various component level.  Not only us but a number of Site5 VPS Reviews have publicized that the hosting servers from Site5 are not overloaded or oversold, which ensure relatively higher reliability of hosting services. Reliability is also enhanced by round the clock monitoring guarantee that comes from the web hosting company. Better reliability essentially implies enhanced uptime performance and an improved overall experience.

As per a number of Site5 VPS Reviews and also our own research reveals that the clientele of the web host is very content and has not significant complaints about the Site5 hosting services. Hence, the web host is able to get a large amount of referral business. As uptime is very crucial in every banking or ecommerce application Site5 offers a special purpose hosting plans with over 99.99% uptime guarantee. The hosting product is named as RedundantPlus.  However, the hosting services product has certain limitation as in limited storage, limited data transfers, and limited hosted domains. However, these limitation are superseded by the umpteen reliability which is a must have for ecommerce applications. Moreover, the uptime reports are published and accessible to the public, which effectively draws attentions to company’s transparent actions.

Now let’s look at another most important aspect a web hosting service. The North American customer service as reviewed in many Site5 VPS Reviews is world class. The in-house customer service ensures clients have round the clock access to the most precise, warm, trustworthy, professional, and courteous support team. The support professionals can be contact 24x7x365 days a year over phone, live chat, or email in addition to self-help options such as Video Tutorials, Community Forum, Wiki, and technical knowledgebase. In fact, this contributes the relatively higher prices for the hosting solution from the web host when compared to its competition.  Alone on the customer services and support abilities the hosting services provider has scored fairly well with fantastic 5 rating from a number of Site5 VPS Reviews including our own review.

We hope you found this review informative and exceeding your expectations. Should you decide to host with Site5, we can help you get discounts on hosting with our Site5 VPS Coupon code. We would like to thank you for your time.

Posted January 16, 2013 by admin3 in Web Hosting vs A Hosting Feature Comparison

Welcome to our latest post on vs comparison. In this review we have compared two well know hosting brands viz. Site5 and A2hosting.  In absence of right kind of guidance many newbies tend to choose a hosting provider that is not the best fit for their web hosting needs. However, in order to avoid such mistakes the only effective way out is to carefully research, review, and compare the hosting companies under consideration. In this article it is our honest attempt to provide you unbiased vs comparison to help you chose the most suitable provider for your web site hosting.

Site5.Com Vs A2Hosting.Com

In our vs comparison the first thing we compared was the uptime commitment. We noticed that both the hosting company offer a 99.9% uptime commitment. This essentially means that both the hosting companies are reliable and offering you great hosting with only minor differences. The next most important aspect of our Site5 vs A2hosting comparison was their hosting product prices and features. If you are looking for a lowest hosting price between the two web hosts, you are likely to prefer Site5. The cost effective hosting form Site5 is suitable for WordPress, Joomla, OSCommerce, Drupal, X-Cart or Zencart and many other hosting requirements. For a simple one domain hosting need with reasonably sized disk storage space, network bandwidth, and a limited requirement for email accounts. Site5 hosting serves these needs and starts at $5.95 a month. However, should you be looking to host unlimited domain, or web application requiring high CPU, you might want to choose A2hosting. The important aspect of price based comparison is that the prices should not be looked and compared in isolation. The hosting price should only be looked in the context of term of hosting contract. Hence, there must be apple to apple comparison.

In our vs comparison, after have looked at the uptime commitment, and price, we decided to review the two hosting companies on customer satisfaction aspects. On a quick research on the net we realized that the number of dissatisfactory reviews were more in number for A2hosting when compared to Site5. However, we personally found the response, and quality of tech support reasonably good and on par with Site5. In order to research end user dissatisfaction levels we had relied on three most commonly used searched engines including Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Moreover, we searched for keywords or keyword phrase such as “A2 Hosting sux”, “Site5 down”, “Site5 terrible”, “hate A2 Hosting”, and so on. Surprisingly, A2hosting had more number of negative user reviews. However, to make sure we have done the research in a balanced way we also tried to search and analyze results for search results on keyword phrases such as “Site5 great”, “A2 Hosting fantastic “, “Site5 good” and such other relevant keywords. The research and comparison was more favorable to Site5 than A2hosting with over 60.3% of current and past clients of Site5 still showing faith in the web host.

Lastly, in our vs we tried to evaluate two web hosts on popularity parameter. To gauge the popular we used Alexa’s ranking and the results were favoring Site5 as against A2hosting. The number of visitors to Site5 are significantly large than A2hosting. Thus, Site5 was apparently more popular in our analysis.  We hope this post was useful and suitable in your research. We also have Site5 Coupon Code and A2Hosting Discount should you choose any one of them.

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Hostgator vs Ipage: A Review and Comparison

Welcome to the latest post on Hostgator vs Ipage comparison and review. When it compare to comparing the two web hosts on hosting features, both Ipage and Hostgator are quite comparable hosting companies. If is not only difficult but also not right on part of any hosting review provider to recommend a web host without comparison. However, comparing Hostgator vs Ipage was one of the simplest things for us. In this post we will try to focus on highlighting strength and weaknesses of the two hosting companies. This should help you in selecting the best hosting company to fulfill your hosting requirements.

Hostgator vs Ipage

Ipage was incorporated in 1998 and since then been in business. However, having been incorporated in 2002, HostGator is pretty new entrant in the hosting business. Ipage does not seem to have an uptime guarantee, while Hostgator assures a minimum of up to 99.9% uptime.  Both the hosting companies, as discovered in our Hostgator vs Ipage review, are Green hosting companies and environmentally responsible. Therefore, they both use renewable energy such as wind power.

On pricing front again there are not much of differences if your compare Hostgator vs Ipage. While Ipage offers only one single hosting plan starting generally at $3.5 to $4.0 a month, Hostgator has a hatchling plan with two possible upgrade options, which deliver unlimited hosted domains and full SSL security, public IP, and a host of other features. HostGator’s hatchling plan, starts at $4.95 a month and provides unlimited hosting storage space, unlimited bandwidth, and a host of other features that are common between the two leading hosting providers. Both the web host have bundled a number of free credits such as Google AdWords, Facebook marketing credits, and a few others. To add to these credits, HostGator offers a range of SEO tools to help you improve your search engine ranking.

A full money back guarantee with absolutely no strings attached accompanies both the web host when your compare Hostgator vs Ipage. Hostgator ranks better as far as control panel interface is concerned. Ipage uses its self-developed control panel while Hostgator makes use of popular cPanel control panel system. Both have their own benefits and drawbacks. But cPanel is definitely a popular choice making installation of add-on, plug-ins, and applications easier for average website administrator. However, Ipage is likely to be best for a newbie who knows nothing about website creation, and advanced web site hosting features.

When comparing Hostgator vs Ipage we could have ignored importance of a great client service teams. Hence, we compared the two on client service front. We found that both the hosting provider offer round the clock 365 days a year support through email, live chat, and phone. Similarly, both the hosting companies offer good quality tutorials and knowledgebase articles to help their clients for self service. Additionally, we discovered that Hostgator also offers video tutorials. Contrary to Ipage does not have video tutorials, which at times may not be very simple to follow for a fresher who lacks the skill to understand and follow the instruction text.  In this context it is worth mentioning that Hostgator has received many accolades and awards for its quality of service. Ipage even though has not received any awards its North American support agents are able to help you with all kinds of issues.

We hope you found this text informative and we have both Hostgator coupon and Ipage coupon codes to offer you.


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