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B-WebHost Review
b-webhost review

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B-WebHost Review
B-webhost, is a new emerging web hosting company, that has proven to provide superior services and has the potential of becoming one of the best hosting companies out there. Though still new, we consider it as one of the most reliable web hosting companies and among the best web hosts in the industry. The hosting corporation is notorious for spending whatever amount of money, to make sure its clientele always receives a very prompt and much affordable web site hosting services.
  • Being a most rapidly expanding community, the web host is developing a large number of new clients signing up for its hosting services every day. Moreover, the internet hosting company is known for offering business class internet hosting solutions, products and services, at most affordable prices.

  • Current Pricing:

  • 12 Months: $3.77/Month
  • B-WebHost Support:
  • Sales: Ticket-based System
  • Technical: Ticket-based System
The hosting company has essential processes, procedures and technical team to ensure the complete hosting infrastructure is monitored round the clock and hardware benchmarking is done at regular intervals. This ensures that the hosting services, and thereby the website, is up and running more than the committed SLA time.

Regular monitoring and infrastructure bench marking, ensures that potential server issues are reported to the right technical support team for proactive action and prompt resolution. Because of these efficient processes, B-WebHost has been consistently delivering no less than 95.9% service uptime and therefore, assures the same to every new and existing customer. Thus, your online business is always up and won't go off-line, causing you business and financial loss.

The hosting provider has the best in breed state of the arts data centers, hosting web and database servers in Chicago. The data centers are manned around the clock all through the year, by certified technical specialists to provide excellent customer experience on each and every incident. Moreover, data centers have high level of redundancies and daily backups, to make sure hosting services are available without abruptions and hindrances. Websites are hosted on server farms made of clusters to literally seamless failover. B-WebHost takes measures for not only to ensure highest uptime of IT infrastructure in the data centers, but also data security against a variety of attacks at host and network level.

What makes B-Webhost a very attractive hosting company, is its gimmicks free plans with absolutely no hidden fees, no confusing billing cycles and literally no traps to up-sell other products. You get exactly what you have paid for. Sign-up or registration accepts various payment methods, including MasterCard, Visa, Discovery or American Express Credit Cards, Debit Cards, JCB and even PayPal. Not only the payment and registration process is smooth, the hosting account features instant setup as it is completely automated. There is no installation fee. Within 30 days post installation, if you have a reason to be dissatisfied with their services, you are entitled to a full refund without any questions being asked.

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