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ace-host review

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Ace-Host Review
Ace-host's 6,400 sq ft Data Center actually operates out of Dearborn, Michigan. From the ground up, the company's data center facility happens to be configured to be able to allow for unconditioned best grade service. Brand and market trusted equipment happens to be employed just about in the entire datacenter.
  • APC, Cisco, Kingston, Liebart, Seagate, 3ware, and Intel are in reality just a few of the companies Ace-host confides so that it can enable the company, to really allow for the quality of service clients call for.

  • Current Pricing:

  • 24 Months: $10.97/Month
  • 12 Months: $12.97/Month
  • Ace-Host Support:
  • Sales: 1-313-278-3285
  • Technical: 1-313-278-3285
  • E-Mail: Contact Form
Ace-host's Data Center happens to be straight off attached to company's customer care, help, and technical support services facility which generally has always been staffed twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a calendar year.

Regardless of what time in the day it typically is, the company's expertise is going to be available all the time on phone. Company's technicians average out a representative reaction time of 15 minutes and are alacritous, quick, eager, affable diffusing warmth and friendliness, plus knowledgeable about customer care and support.

Combined with extra 22-ton Liebert HVAC systems in addition to manifold backbone suppliers, you will be able to take a breather comfortably when it comes to the constancy and additional integrity concerning company's electrical power and electronic network infrastructure. Ace-host, at the same time, uses full uninterrupted power supply and diesel engine powered generator power backup systems, countenancing the Data Center so that it can function unabated for numerous days just in case of a elementary electrical power outage.

Acenet's customer care and technical support services facility is almost certainly amply, secured employing innovative key card authentication, authorisation systems and technologies in addition to being staffed 24/7 with the company's premiere customer support team of staff members. CCTV cameras proctor each and every one sq in of company's Datacenter for 24 hours. Each and every single Enterprise 2.0 bundle comes alongside with almost all the characteristics, just any kind of web administrator demands in order to really bring forth just any kind of World Wide Web site up and running, plus consequently prospering with the help of backups, anti-spam, and other resources.

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